Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Riddims of the Week (27/05): Wiley Unleashes Grime Wave

Eskiboy is ready to follow up on his No.2 single – which is now sitting at No.6, behind Sam Sparro, Will.I.Am, Madonna, The Ting Tings and Rihanna’s new No.1 Take A Bow – and he’s gonna do it in waves. The first being 12 track Grime Wave

Highlights include;

And old skool Wiley favourite…

Here’s the tracklisting…
1. Grime Wave
2. Local Lad
3. If You're Going Out I'm Going Out Too
4. Grime Kid
5. It's A Par
6. Badman Talking
7. Where You Gonna Run Too?
8. Anything Is Possible
9. Living In London
10. Fire Ain't Burning No More
11. Sky Is Falling
12. It's Only Right

Here’s Raj's review;

Grime Wave

Forget Rolex, forget electro, Yeah I do grime, I’m a grime kid what then!?” Wiley boasts, dispelling any myths that Eskiboy’s new found chart success might lead him to stray from the scene he¹s helped build. OK it¹s not the best material that Wiley Kat has put out, but 12 tracks of him spraying over beats by Maniac, Bless Beats and of course himself, mixed in with a couple of guest appearances and a Fire Camp slew will do for us until Race Against Time drops early next year. Track To Check: Grime Kid