Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Art of Cotchin' and Rollin' With Devlin

Devlin Looking Evil

Ages ago I caught up with OT Recordings' Devlin...
Hey Devlin. How old are you now?

I’m 18.
Yeah, it’s been about two years since we last got in touch with you. You cool?
Yeah, I’m just finishing off my new CD. which is coming out very soon.
Obviously, you’ve been repping both OT and The Movement, who are you officially with?
I’m always gonna be OT cos they’re from Dagenham and that’s where I’m from. That’s the manor. But Ghetts, Ghetts is my boy; I’ll always make tunes with them.
What is Devlin about?
I’m about repping my music and pushing myself to the limit. As long as people like what I’m doing and keep buying my music I’m gonna keep making it.
So what do you do in your free time?
I’m in the pub getting out of my nut or I’m chilling writing bars.
What is your favourite drink?
I like a pint of Fosters or maybe a cheeky little JD.
What was the last film you saw?
V For Vendetta. I loved it; I really thought it was sick. I’d probably give it five out of five. It was my cup of tea mate. It’s all about Guy Fawkes and what he stood for and that. It’s too much to go into, you’re just gonna have to watch it.
What would you say was your favourite film?
[Gets all animated] Probably… Chopper!!! That Chopper is f*cked in the head mate. There is a real life documentary after. He doesn’t even have any ears. Its not a f*cking joke. The geezer was off his head. Also Goodfellas and Donnie Brasco are good.
Do you ever get to go to the cinema?
[Laughs] I ain’t the cinema sort of guy. I’m just around the town.
If you did go to your local (cinema). Would you buy stuff there or sneak stuff in?
I’d sneak stuff in. I’m a poor little c*nt [laughs]. I’d be bringing in chocolate bars and everything; even though I’m diabetic.

Devlin Playing Nintendo DS (Grime MC)

After a stint on Mario Kart DS and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games we quiz Devlin about his gaming abilities. What did you think of those games?
They were alright. I didn’t do too bad. Mario Kart as you saw I won three out of four races [just getting piped by Koopa Troopa on the last turn of the last race] and …Olympics was joke. I’d give ‘em a four. I’d bang away at ‘em for a little while.
Are you into games at all?
I’m not really a gamey sort of person.
So you didn’t grow up on PlayStation and Xbox?
Yes and no. I used to play FIFA and that but I suppose everyone did. And I play Pro; that is it really.
Are you good at or a whipping boy?
[Laughs] I’m alright, I’m alright. I don’t play that often so I’m not saying I’m nothing special.
Who is your team?
Where did you get the name The Art of Rollin' ?
When I made all them tunes I was just smoking loads, drinking loads of beers and it was just hard work in the studio [laughs].
So why has it been so long for you to drop this mixtape?
It’s just life really. I’ve had a bad little year but that’s nothing I’m gonna jump back on it. Get back to where I should be.
Yeah get back on that…
I’m already writing for the next project, so don’t watch that.

Devlin Being Strangled By OT Crew

Who is on ...Rollin'?
Ghetto, Dog-Z, Deeperman, Smasher, Lewi White on the beats, Gravity on the beats, Ratchet made some beats, Shotz made some beats… There are quite a few people on there. There is one beat on there, I don’t even know who made it but it’s a deep tune. I called it . Whoever made it I’m sorry but it’s a nice tune.
So what is the best part about ?
That’s not for me to judge, that is for the people out there!


lewis litanzios said...

absolutely feelin' this mixtape. devlin is the king atm. jus gotta give it up ( 'dumplin' with ratchet production - neeeeed to hear that out n' about.