Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Go Buy Wiley And Mims!!!

Finally out to buy…

If you’ve got a little bit of money, I strongly suggest you go and buy these CDs or at least download them from your local digital vendor.

Playtime Is Over

Very big, it’s a shame My Mistakes and Come Lay With Me aren’t that good but I’m really feeling the rest of the LP. Actually My Mistakes is alright. Out of the new tracks (you know which ones I mean) Getalong Gang and Nothing About Me are truly great. Let’s see what the rest of the Tunnel Vision’s are saying.

Also go and purchase…

Music Is My Savior

I thought This Is Why I’m Hot was… hot, so I gave this 16 track LP a go. It’s big. Superman and the bonus track, I Did You Wrong are worthy of ANY playlist.

That’s about it really, nothing else worth buying this week.