Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Best of The Streets???

The best of the streets
The best of the streets
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For the last couple of days, I've been intensely listening to all of The Streets albums (I don't know why but I do that sometimes). Anyway, as a result I've decided to compile a Best of the Streets-like Greatest Hits type LP thing. If 679 put this out in anyway shape or form I want royalties boy.

1. Has It Come To This
2. Pranging Out
3. War of the Sexes
4. Lets Push Things Forward
5. Soaked by the Ale
6. Don't Mug Yourself
7. Too Much Brandy
8. Blinded by the Lights
9. All Goes Out The Window
10. Dry Your Eyes
11. Never Went To Church
12. Sharp Darts
13. What Was He Thinking
14. Could Well Be In
15. Weak Become Heroes

Bonus Tracks
Get Out Of My House Ft. Bruza, Demon, Kano & D Double E [MC Version]
Fit But You Know It Ft. Doneao, Tinchy Stryder, Lady Sovereign and Kano
Could Well Be In Ft. Bruza, D Double E, Ghetto And Scratchy
Pranging Out Remix: Ft. Skepta, Wretch 32, Ghetto, Tinchy Stryder, DE-Velopment, Bossman & Frisco

On the enhanced CD/ DVD will be all the videos including the vids for all the remixed tracks and The Beats (Mitch Bros. etc.). You also get a famous LIMITED EDITION lighter - but this one will also DOUBLES AS A USB MEMORY STICK. For your money's worth you'll also get a video documentary of a guided tour of his infamous shed studio.

I'm might post all of the above to myself so I can get a trademark/ patent or somin’.

Just to point out, this is NOT REAL CD, it is not available in HMV nor on, it does not exist… yet.


Adam Dempsey said...

I'm sure they will release something like that eventually, after the fifth and last album most likely!