Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Top 10 List of Artist’s Who Fall On/ Off Stage!!! (10-6)

I’m supposed to be writing several articles for my deadline which is on Friday, instead I’ve compiled my Top 5 10 list of artists who fall on/ off stage.

First of all let me post this as is JUST OUTSIDE the Top 10…

Busta slips…

It is very early on and very discrete; it’s not that funny either so it didn’t make the top 10.

Ok, here we go… 10-6

No.10 – Madonna

No way is this a classic – because of the long-arse build up. But after the wait you do see the old girl take a tumble. Mild jokes.

No.9 – PJ Harvey

I don’t know what she is trying to do but it ends in disaster.

No.8 – Vybz Kartel

It’s funny cos he DROPS hard but it won’t go any further up the chart than 8.

Oh, and this one too…

No.7 – Random Singer Dude

Ok, he might not be famous but it had to make the chart. Listen to the sound when his fat self falls.

No.6 – The Game

Dropped hard and then tried to go on all gangsta about it after. Joker. Anyway he ‘Scuffed up his Jordans’ so ha. Very funny slo-mo too.


Anonymous said...

that 2nd Vybz Kartel easily wins it for me. what a chancer.


Danny Walker said...

Yes, that is indeed funny. You sure Robbie's or Shakira's isn't funnier though? I mean she is just stuck there for a while and he is just an idiot.