Monday, June 25, 2007

Quick Review: Wiley’s Playtime Is Over Album Launch Party

Many were anxious during their entrance, many were anticipating some of the best grime unleashed in recent years, but most, most were just hoping Wiley would actually turn up…

Wiley @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

As I gained entry with Terror Danjah and Badness – after my already long evening (not caused by the aforementioned by the way) – it was pure bliss to hear Boy Better Know riddims emitting from Cargo’s cavernous stage area. After a brief conversation with the reputable face of Roll Deep aka DJ Target I was somewhat taken aback by the amount or shall I say variety of people who had flocked to witness what was already in the process of going down.

Crowd @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

Manga @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

Wearing (what only can be described as Bananas in Pyjamas nightwear)>>>

Wiley @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

Eskiboy set free bar after bar whilst supported by the hype man of the set… [insert name of that MC here] the theme for the evening was “If you don’t own Playtime Is Over go and buy it now" as DJ Karnage spewed track after track.

Slightly late but undeterred the front of the stage was my next port of call – via the bar of course – only to find none other than Raj “And I would do anything from grime, oh I would do anything for grime” Kapone on the frontline. Already in sync with his standard skank the RWD Staff Writer was in full swing as Wiley took to the stage.

Wiley's Trainers @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

Highlights of the night include My Mistakes with Little D and Manga, Getalong Gang, No Qualms, Eskiboy and the TWO VERSE clip of Gangsterz. Somewhere amongst those was Badman with Flow Dan which wasn’t a highlight but I just thought I’d mention the Presidential Stance as adopted 90% of the time by the Transit Van driver.

Flow Dan @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

A big night I must say despite missing a huge chunk of the BBK set.

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Anonymous said...

wiley looks like one of the bananas in pyjamas!