Monday, June 25, 2007

Skinner And The Beats Banned From YouTube

The legendary Skinner blog reveals the content of YouTube/Thebeats was too much as it’s been “suspended” from the infamous video sharing site…

The popular portal that brought us many behind the scenes webisodes from Skinner, label manager Ted Mayhem and the rest of gang was bookmarked by many. The first place to show vids and footage from The Beats artists’ such as The Mitchell Brothers, Professor Green and Example was always worth a visit when not on Added to many Favourites lists – if only to see the latest madness from Beat Stevie – which can only be described as Internet broadcasted madness that mirrors the weird and wonderful world of The Beats. The best we can recall was when Mitchell Bros. where behind the scenes at an Amir Khan fight interviewing celebs and were more than moderately funny.

Skinner’s explains a recent post from the label manager may be cause of the ban, “Regarding the queen’s attitudes to the colour black.” Before requesting forgiveness from the Monarchy, “We would like to sincerely apologise to the royal family” he let loose, “We are sure they are more than welcoming of all people of any ethnic origin. We have always been a great fan of the Monarchy and Mayhem’s Indian family have only had good experiences with them in their role in the colonial rule of his motherland.” Ever cheeky Skinner added, “We have it on good authority also from Princess Anne that once you've had black you don’t turn back. The Mitchell Brothers in turn have offered to extend their services to any members of the royal household who would like to try.”

The Dry Your Eyes singer then informed that Beat Stevie is to have it’s own plot on the web, “Beat Stevie fans, we will have our own website in the next week or so where you can continue to watch unabated by the monarchy's oppression.”

Keep checking the World Wide Web for that forthcoming experience and it’s also worth the odd browse of just in case it gets reinstated. For more on the matter, pull up a pew beside