Wednesday, June 27, 2007

T Magic Boutique Exhibition

T Magic - Wet Dreams

Don’t tell me T-Magic is not big!!! Check out this canvas. It’s only £450 that’s nothing when people like Damian Hirst sell dog shit wrapped in Twix wrappers and masks made of broken glass and beetle legs for millions of pounds.

T Magic - Air Force Art

^^^This canvas is nuts!!!^^^ It’s only a grand. I might buy one for my front room. Maybe I can make my own version with decayed Puma and cut up, defaced pictures of Thierry Henry???

Love the tees, love the artwork.

Check out the latest issue of RWD Magazine or MTV Base’s About to Blow for more info. is you!!!

Make sure you check out the exhibition…


Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to this amazing artist! Amazing paintings, where can I see more pics?


Danny Walker said...

Get on over to for more my friend. I'm glad I've shown you the light.

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