Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's Up... Chunky Bizzle

What's Up... Chunky Bizzle
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Not content on letting the faces behind the UK scene remain faceless, RWD have decided to go behind the beats and ask people 'What's Up?'. This week we caught up with Chunky Bizzle who's got more beats on road than the Met.


Chunky Bizzle...Aka Chunk Beezey

Top Producer

A bird shat on my hat today as soon as I left my yard! True stories! What a start to the day!

What have you been up to?
Yeah, I've got my mixtape coming out like the end of August, I got some hot bits on Wretch 32, Mercston, Ghetto, Doller Da Dustman, Naila Boss, and Donea'o. I've got other solo projects too from the likes of Dizzee to Wiley to the singers like Louie Lou and Naila Boss... I'm trying to cater to every circle at the mo! So it should be a good summer! I got quiet a lot of EPs coming out these coming months on A.R.M.Y. Records... Rsky Rds Recordings an the Bizzle 4 Shizzle label.and don't forget the Tool So Big EP, that's out at the mo on DVS recordings! Go support!

What's up?
Mercston's mixtape... Da Beginning of Da End! Wretch32 mixtape! Chunky Bizzle's mixtape! The Movement mixtape! Doller Da Dustman's mixtape! And a lot of other stuff floating about in the Top 10 grime music scene these days... What u think? Lol Yeah and remember catch me at or email


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