Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big Brother 7 Nonsense!!! What's Your F***ing Name?

Big Brother nonsense!!! What's your f***ing name?
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Housemate 1: What's your name?

Housemate 2: [Ridiculous Accent] Mi naaaame's BONO? [/Ridiculous Accent]

Housemate 1: Huh?

Housemate 2: [Ridiculous Accent] BONO. Mi naaaame's BONO?[/Ridiculous Accent]

Housemate 1: Huh? What's your name? Bono?

Housemate 2: [Ridiculous Accent] BONO? Mi naaaame's BONO? [/Ridiculous Accent]

Housemate 1: Oh Bono?

Housemate 2: [Perfectly Fine Accent] No BONNIE My name is Bonnie [/Perfectly Fine Accent]

Housemate 2 to self: [Ridiculous Accent] I caaaaan't believe theeey keep caaaaalling mi BONO [/Ridiculous Accent] - *crys*

Housemate 1 to Housemate 3: What's the matter with Bono?

Housemate 3: I...I...I don't know........ [Outburst] WANKERS!!! [/Outburst]

*End Credits Roll*


styleslut said...

U LUV IT really.

Sezars my cousin, so make sure you vote to keep him in.

Danny Walker said...

Along with the rest of the country PETE gets my vote!!!

LIONESS said...

lol "bona", is she what they call a chav then?

Oh and Dawn... *insert Wiley* i wont have a bar, i'll push back your wig.

Danny Walker said...

lol - I can't stop watching, I promised myself I wouldn't!!! Damn man I got shit to write and deadlines to hit. *gears himself up to watch Lost and the taped episode of 24*