Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fire Camp Vs Pete Doherty Vs Statik!!!

Again failing to attend court earlier in the week, Pete’s the man when it comes to ‘Boying’ off his responsibilities. This time though he’s responsible for being the lead vocal on the forthcoming Statik produced Boy. With Lethal B, Fumin and 2Face all over the track it’s another grindie combo for the big producer to be proud of. Statik tells RWD, “I’m not even too sure what we’re doing with it, it’s got so much potential. I’m just sorting out the sample now.” He then goes on to explain how the tune came about, “The beat is on my Grindie Vol.1 mixtape, you may have heard Scorcher and that on the beat before.”

When Lethal heard the track it was on, he exclusively tells RWD, “It reminded me of when I heard Oi, and Pow for the first time, its an instant classic. Its a fresh track, and Pete and the rest of the band are feeling our vibe, which is heavy. I think its gonna buss the doors open for the underground and bring some light back into the scene cos its got a bit boring It’s the first track off the Fire Camp album - I think its gonna bring a new audience to the Fire Camp album - which is filled with our garage and grime club bangers! Statik continues with, “When Bizzle heard it… he loved it and wanted to do something big with it.”

That something, was to be hooking up with Pete Doherty and Babyshambles to create Boy. “When I took it to Pete’s house all the band loved it.” And Bizzle? Mr Connected explains to us, “Bizzle & the Camp know what’s going on, them man love it.” So we await Boy’s future, but in the meantime look out for it on a radio or TV channel soon. That Fire Camp album is heating up. To listen to the Boy click here .

Lethal B and Fire Camp’s mixtape Living Legend’s Vol.1 is out now in HMV and all respected record shops.

Pete’s due back in court June 9th.

Statik’s follow up for the massive Connected LP, Broadband - A Day in the Life is coming soon. And DJ’s tonight at London’s in Kentish Town. G-lounge, 18 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 9NX.