Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dizzee Rascal is on T-Pain’s album!!! (I Speak to Him)

Dizzee Rascal is on T-Pain’s album!!!

You know the I’m Sprung breh, well Dizz is all over the I’m Sprung remix. He spits a lil’ rhyme about something – you know I can never here/ understand what that dude is saying.

Check Dizzee’s verse here:

“Listen up blood being sprung don’t last/ [something about lessons] from a girl from my past. Trying to get re-acquainted, rekindled/ even though she done told me that she weren’t single… [He then goes on for a few more bars about a girl and then something about something else].”

I’ll fill it in when I get more time…

I spoke to T-Pain earlier in the week about UK music and strippers…

Did you have much input on your album Rappa Ternt Sanga?
Well cos I’m the first artist on Akon’s label, it was just basically me and him. He let me know what NOT to do. He’s been in the game for a long time and has worked with the Fugees so… He was helping me out for a while.

Tell us about what you know of the UK music scene, cos Dizzee Rascal is on the remix of I’m Sprung and Akon knows all about Sway…
Yeah Akon has been putting me onto that sound. I’m looking to work with more people when I come over.

Why are you In Luv With A Stripper? [Possibly the next single]
Well that was just a joke thing. It wasn’t even for my album. It was a joke from my friend cos we took him to his first strip club.

You took him?
I’ve been going to them for a long time. We made that song as a joke for him. The right people heard the song and…

How much would T-Pain spend in a strip club?
[Laughs] Not much!!! Not much at all. Probably a few hundred dollars…

On drinks obviously????
[Laughs] Na…

What should one do in a strip club? Can you give us a 101 guide?
Sit back and watch. Don’t nobody touch! Don’t go broke either. Don’t worry about getting the perfect lap dance, cos they’ll come to you. You know, they gotta work.

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Bow Cat said...

Is that T_PAIN shit anz good? Is Dizzy on any more riddims bro?