Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The beginning

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The beginning
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So how did my mammoth Mindie set go in Camden's Purple Turtle. Boy!!! It was fun, the organisers friend - she knows who she is - said I could play 'all the grime you like'. As I was DJing in between grime crews, so I naturally thought, 'OK, I'll bring loads of grime riddims and all would be well'. Ha, little did I know. I turn up and there is a ROCK band doing their sound check and there is no grime fans to be seen - Here we go. I know I was last minute dot com but you coulda warn man.

So anyway after sound check I climbed into the Tree House, sorry I mean DJ booth (pictured).


styleslut said...

Ive never heard such an eclectic set mixed as well as yours D.

You are the new Statik fo sure.

It was so good, ill let you off for not playing the Test-icicles or wearing tight jeans.(just this once)

ps My doorbell is by the White Stripes.

Danny Walker said...

Thanks dude, I did my best with that indie madness. The G was on-point though, I think???

I dunno about that Statik line, he's on a next plain.

lol - Tight jeans is not me.

You are so correct about The White Stripes, you make me look v.bad... I'll change it and put a thanks in there.


Vice-er said...

That's not fair - i think your grime set fitted prefectly with the night! and there was just as much grime & hip-hop acts as bands.

But I'm not going to begrudge someone who stepped in at the very last minute - and to be honest, pretty much stole the show!

Even I enjoyed a bit of a stomp to some grime (which is suprising considering my comments outside of 333 back in November)

Thanks again! x

p.s. I know EXACTLY who i am

kemi said...

Thanks for that man, sorry you weren't warned but we came prepared with some rock tracks for you!!

You saved the night dude!


P.S. I have your headphones and will give them to the 'friend' who knows who thay are!

Danny Walker said...

Thanks for the feedback people (you know who you are). If anyone has a Burger King b'day party... HOLLLLLAAAA!!!