Friday, July 13, 2007

Xbox 360 Elite & Slimline PSP: So are you gonna upgrade?

This week more details were released about Microsoft’s 360 Elite…

Firstly, the price. £329.99. And secondly, the release date. August 24. Not only is the Elite console in a lovable matt blank but it’s packing a HD punch the Premium and the Core units can only wet dream of. Up to 1080p – television permitting – can be obtained right out of the grey box via the supplied HDMI cable. Not only that but, if you like to get your Marketplace download on, it also features a weighty 120GB hard drive. As there’s not much there - bar limited demos - we don’t see the point just yet, but it’s a start. Give us some of the TV content the Americans are lapping up and we’ll be even more grateful.

The PSP just got slimmer

Not much is known about the slimmer PSP just yet as it was announced at E3 only this week. If you don’t know what E3 is, it’s like that day at Primary School when you get to bring in a toy/ game. Only its multi-billion dollar companies instead of spotty kids and it’s the latest in mind boggling gaming technology and not your brother’s Gameboy with the battery cover missing. The best bit we do actually know is that it has VIDEO OUT… finally. So you can hook your 33% lighter machine, 19% slimmer machine (20% for us as ours is gathering dust) up to your TV’s S-Video and dem-way-dere!!!

So are you gonna upgrade?