Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who Knows About: The WORST GRIME VIDEO EVER?!?!

Ok, the beat is beyond bad, the lyrics are terrible and the video? The video is abysmal. Shifty Boy I know you wanted to get your “music” out there and YouTube seemed like your quickest option BUT YOU NEED TO TAKE THE LENS CAP OFF BEFORE YOU START TO RECORDING BRO.

Sack the director, set fire to the lighting guy and definitely reschedule a re-shoot. As is, this will neeeever make it onto Channel Poo – actually that last statement is debatable given the 44DD standard reduction that channel has been through over the last couple of months.

Despite my best efforts to ridicule Shifty Boy he has entertained me with the line, “You don’t wanna diss this cos I’ve been spitting the tightest sh*t since Christmas” and the last 22 seconds of nonsense.

You have definitely put SN3 on the map!!!

Yo dude, next time you make a vid… follow these simple instructions.

1. Have a good tune that actually deserves a video
2. If you feel you have a track, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take off the lens cap and remove all finger-based obstructions
3. Listen back to your “music”, hang up the mic and delete your YouTube account