Sunday, July 08, 2007


I've been with these chumps for a while now and after I freed myself from the phone contract some years ago, I'm still trying to rid myself and my PC of their Broadband demons!!! If anyone has any problems with their idiotic ways feel free to have a moan at a website dedicated to Orange issues - no wonder they were voted WORST BROADBAND provider. Down with Orange, their arrogant, incompetent staff and their call centres that are based on the west coast of hell. When I'm set free, I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

aha! so u blame your internet conection for ur few amount of postings lately!

Danny Walker said...

I don't blame my lack of Internet connection or the chumps at Orange - far from... I blame Xbox Live, my HDTV and the various writing projects I'm currently involved in.

Anonymous said...

"I blame Xbox Live, my HDTV and the various writing projects I'm currently involved in"

Bloody Hell I'm shocked, an Orange customer or should I say former Orange customer that is able to do something more constructive than just piss and moan at the smallest thing.... Well Done!! give yourself a gold star

Danny Walker said...

I;m all out of Gold Stars???

kristofer said...

watch out for those third party people working for orange! if you want full details contact me on I am currently looking for legal advice after being lied to by one of those clowns!! Would appreciate any feedback

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I disconected my contract in Jan this year. Since then i have had bills stating I am in credit, followed by demands for payment for disconection. I am owed over £50 by them yet they have the never to send me a demand for £212 that I have payed. Now they tell me that the £212 was refunded to my acocunt even though the statment shows no such thing. I have phoned customer services so many times and each time yes we will get it sorted. I am still stuck in another contract with them I hate orange. Please do not use them.

winelabels said...

I've twice had then promise to wipe the balance from my account, and twice they have then said they have no record of the call! Now they have sent it to a debt collection agency.
The Indian staff are rude and the UK 'managers' just don't care about customer service.
Whenever I hear anyone talking about changing mobile/broadband or phone, I just say "Avoid orange, they are crap".

Anonymous said...

There are a hell of a lot of problems within Orange at the minute the staffing structure is a joke and the employment procedure is laughable. the training is a fortnight long, consisting of making posters and listening into calls for two weeks, the agents don't learn anything until they actually start taking calls, don't blame the agents blame the management. they're all a bunch of penny pinchers and until the bloke upstairs get's that nothing can be done to save our customers.
don't get me wrong, i love Orange as a company, their products and their ideas are refreshing, but unfortunately they can't get this into practice - e.g new products that are advertised on a Sunday afternoon for the first time, are not told to the staff until the following monday morning!

as you can probably guess i am an orange worker, in a call centre - In the UK - and i will defend Orange all the way, i feel that the company is a great place to work but as all companies there are dips in concentration. apparently there are going to be alot of changes and i hope that they come in soon, as a customer and a worker i tend to take both sides!

so have a bit of faith...

"I AM"

Anonymous said...

I hate orange.

Phone signal has suddenly gone crap and it always cuts off my phone calls.

i fucking hate this network but ive got to wait till december before i can pull out of the contract.

Anonymous said...

I hate orange. Their broadband STINKS!

Anonymous said...

unless you've worked in a call-centre you will not believe how many sad people there are out there. Don't you people have a life? I've got no signal is the most heard complaint. Well tell you what, go outside, bend over and I'll get someone to come over and shove a mast up your ass then you'll have signal wherever you go!
Doesn't matter which network you sign up with you'll have the same problems so live with it ok. Perhaps the whole country should go back to using telephone boxes on street corners for a while then you whingers might realise how pathetic you are!!

Anonymous said...

I used to work in a mobile phone call centre, and you won't believe how stupid some people can be- people just like you guys, so before you slag off call-centre staff just remember who they have to deal with eg. Customer: the phone you sent me doesn't work.
CSR: Oh I'm so sorry. Can you tell me what is on the screen
Customer: A big battery charging
CSR: can you see a small button on the top of your phone
Customer: Yes
CSR: Please hold it down for 5 seconds
Customer: Oh, it's on now and it's working. You are so clever
CSR:(to himself) No, you're just really stupid
Customer: my phone is not working, I can't make any calls
CSR Oh I'm so sorry I'll try to help. Firstly, please can you take the battery out.
Customer; Ok
(2 minutes later) which one, there are two batteries
CSR: Please can you tell me what the batteries look like
Customer: They are long thin batteries - AAA ones.
CSR: Does your phone have a screen
Customer: Oh, no, its not my phone, its the tv remote control.I was trying to phone my son but now I know why it wouldn't work.You must think I'm really stupid.
CSR: No, not at all, it's an easy mistake to make..........

Anonymous said...

Oh jesus christ. Don't even get me started on the stupidity of customers you talk to working in that place.

You wait all day for a person who realises, 'It's not the person on the end of this line who's causing the problems with my phone, It's the people sat upstairs eating muffins and talking about being 'the best broadband provider in the UK', who are..'

No wonder none of the CSR's want to sort out your problems, fools.

A few nice words will get you a long way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right. If a customer spoke nicely to me I would bend over backwards for them, ignore procedures and waive certain fees. But, when they were rude to me then everything was by the book. Remember, call-centre staff are human too - piss them off and they can behave just like you!

Anonymous said...

Orange, France has the worst possible customer sevice in the whole world. Unfortunately I got into their trap and took a broadband connection in 2006. Now I am paying them every month while not getting any service from them. 1) The first shock was when I had to pay 43€/month though they had advertised the plan as 29€/month. This was due to an unwanted and unused but forced france telecom landline connection. 2) The broadband connection used to fail at least one weekend per month in 2006 & 2007. Whenever a problem occured they used to take at least 1 full working day to rectify the problem. For every call to their useless helpline I had to pay something like 3-5€. Their helpline agents have no accountability. They can say anything they want. 3) In 2007 April, they suddenly cut my connection saying that I had requested another provider Neuf to switch my connection. Being new to France then, I didnt even know who or what Neuf was. After running pillar to post and waiting for 2 months, I got my Orange connection back. The worst part is that I had to pay for those 2 months when I had no connection. Orange refused to reimbuse that amount till now. 4) In 2009, I relaized that I have been paying Orange 43€/month, while Free (another provider) gives a whole lot of features (reliable broadband, good collection of tv channels, free phones to 80 countires, video recorder, personal video transmission etc) for just 30€/month. I asked Free to switch my connetcion in March 09 (what they call as 'degroupage total' in France). I got a letter from France Telecom that my connection was cut. My Orange internet connection stopped working and Free's broadband connection started working. BUT... Orange is still taking money from my bank account (till July 09). I have made about 20 PAID phone calls, visitied their boutiques and talked to their 'rudest' agents, sent 2 letters to their service center with signature option.. YET NO ESCAPE FROM THIS MAFIA CALLED ORANGE..

borut said...

They can unlock any phone that is locked to them THAT IS A FACT so I've called them calmly and tried to explain to them i don't wanna go down the shop and some dude messing with my phone and I'd rather see if they did it.specially as I'm gonna be swapping 2 sim cards and I'll be abroad for 1 week the most. they got me connected to bloke from samsung on the phone who said he cant do anything for me but it's a matter between me and orange FINE GREAT I'LL CALL THEM BACK. SO now Orange guy wants 20 pounds and tells me they'll do it if i pay up.......... Hold on 5 minutes ago you've transferred my call to Samsung as you cant do it, so why are you charging me all of a sudden? So he keeps saying Samsung will charge them for the code and it'll take 30 days to complete. I'm completely puzzled by now as Samsung reassured me they have nothing to do with orange software aftermarket codes once software was implemented in the phone and they cant do anything unless it's technical fault in which case is cheaper on all ends to send out a new phone. but that is not the case here. I've spend alot of money with orange and now they want 20 quid for a poxi code for old f480 they can stuff it.and 2moro i'm getting for my kids t-mobile sim cards as well.
it would be all cool if he didnt tried to lie that Samsung is charging to them. cant stand bulls******. now i got mobi unlocked at the shop for 10 but orange is not getting another penny out of me. Sorry for spelling but I'm raging


compare broadband said...

You are aright. I faced many problem while I was using broadband facility from them aT last I decided to shit to new provider. I checked compare broadband sites and found that their services are not cheaper as they are advertising.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha i work for orange and i have great sympathy for all of you and for the guy who posted this we are on the east coast and making a living like any other fucker out there so ont shoot the messenger ou fuckin prick

Anonymous said...

hey guys, i found this quite usefull when making a complaint - a friend (member of staff) gave this to me, its the direct email for tom alexander (C.E.O)

Translucent Boy said...

I hate Orange for the amount of pre-installed bloatware they shove on their non-Apple mobile phones. You can't delete it unless you root your phone, can't install new apps without having to delete other, total tossers!!

Anonymous said...

I HATE!!!! Orange, I was tricked into a contract that as suppose to be 15 pounds a month, now I a stuck with a 70pound a month contract and robot customer service people!!

bobby said...

Lol peps I'm on o2 now for 20 quid I get 300 min talk unlimited txt unlimited internet

Phone I've bought myself dell streak that is insured with my bank done deal

Anonymous said...

I was one of the unfortunate people who used to work for Orange in North Tyneside, and I thought I would just see if there were any sites still taking opinions of Orange or should I say Everything Everywhere as they are supposed to be known as now, since joining forces with T Mobile. I had a lot of experiences with this company when trying to get up the ladder but to no avail. The more you did the more they dragged you down. You never got a promotion for who you are what you were and did, this was only done on the way you interacted with the HDM, Your Team Leader and whoever else went out together for a drink. When your on the sick for major surgery you get disciplined when you go back to work, stage 1, then stage 2 if something goes wrong in the short space of time you got back into work and out of the door if you cant get back into the swing of things. I was told to text every morning when I went on the sick to have a hysterectomy even though they had my letters from the hospital, IDIOTS. I have also seen ladies trying to get to hospital appointments for Maternity issues and if they rang in sick and lets face it not all pregnancies run smoothly, they were advised 'to get into work after all your only pregnant'.
If a Team Leader Knows what they are doing its only because they have worked their way up which is very rare, I have seen Team leaders get a job at the age of 18 after only being on line 6 months, they dont have any people skills and no life experiences. The systems are shocking, no one want to speak to customer services overseas, so they keep hanging up trying to get an advisor in the UK, impossible task.
Tom Alexander took over when I was there as I was there for a very long time and he wanted feedback from advisor, he went to every call centre for this, You were not allowed to go and share your feelings unless you said what your Team Leader advised you to say and that was only positive feedback as negative feedback was not allowed and it was all Yippeee we love Orange. I had some good friends there, some sacked for their sickness which was nearly always down to depression, others left for jobs elsewhere, I left to open my own business because after working for Orange I could not face the possibility of being treated like a farm animal by another company. Why they don't listen to the staff and what they want for a change and they might get the results they are looking for.
I'm a firm believer of what goes around comes around and if you don't treat your employees with respect, and you yourself get made redundant, (as we are not indispensable), beware you might just have to start from the bottom again, ridiculed, made to look small,and being on the firing line is not a pretty site