Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crackheads Gone Wild!!!

One of my favourite pastimes is documenting the life and times of Crackheads. It seems a documentary maker in America (where else?) has taken it a step further and created a Girls Gone Wild/ Bum Fights style DVD in tribute to Le Crackfaced Ones. Is that taking the piss or is that pure genius? You decided. My thoughts are hovering over at the genius side, but I do feel bad for the Das Crackfiend – they’re people too, well they used to be before they hit the pipe, picked up the loaded joint and/ or sold everything they owned for a taste of Crack pie.

Here’s The Fox News Report

Here’s The Official Trailer

Deep or what? I don’t know about you but if that toothless woman (appears around half way through) was heading my way I’d run a mile… fast. What kind of idiot is going to hang around whilst she gives them a happy finish and pay her for the privilege. She might leave a nasher in your sh*t!!! Not on it!!!

I can’t believe someone has made so much money from this.

Here's an MSNBC Report - with the wrong guy who made it!!!

And finally, here's the maker, he seems proud of his creation

After watching these clips, this shock doc looks like something I need to see. If you watched the trailer you’ll see it looks RAW and on the last Special Report they are saying it’s America’s Worst Drug Abuse Film In 10 Years. Who knows what the drug of choice will be ten yeas from now? I tell you this, I bet it will taste sweeter than strawberries and leave you unconscious for a week after ONE hit.

Maybe the issues do need to be highlighted, if you can make a buck off the back who are we to judge?


Anonymous said...

i cashed in on CHGW at xmas time for my house mate. i emailed necro about the tune at the start, but he never got back to me. if anyone knows what it is gimmie an email:

good blog danny, we have much in common; i just finished rinsing the 1st heroes season. it's good, but sopranos and prison break still rule the roost for me (i haven't seen lost, 24, or a lot of the other US shit).

* if you're on last fm hit me up: