Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Maxwell D is Back (But Why?)

Apparently Max is back… again, with You’re Not Serious Vol.1 or UR Not Serious Vol.1 - one or the other. He passed through UK Record Shop to tell the world (or the 13 people that have viewed the YouTube clip at time of going to press) that his new mixtape is out…

I haven’t heard it nor am I going to but I can tell you without even viewing the tracklist that it contains 25 tracks. 20 of them are bait diluted hip hop tracks, four of them are of the grime variety but sound like deadout Serious remixes. There is ONE good track on their though but you’ll have to tell me what that is when your friend’s girl buys it.

The best part of footage is trying to work out if Maxwell is wearing UK Record Shop apparel? If so WHY?

The second best bit about the above broadcast is seeing how long it takes to figure out what video the guys are watching on the widescreen TV? [Rolf Harris] Can you tell what it is yet? [/Rolf Harris]

PS – If you didn’t get a copy of Misunderstood you’re not missing much.


7 said...

I agree, WHY?

I was passing through his Myspace a while ago and noticed he had new tracks, I who USED 2 BE a fan of Maxwell D was thinking;

"errrrhhh? is he back?..."

I listened 2 approximately 20 seconds of each song then asked myself;

Hi time is kinda way over... I'd say..

Now I'm a fan off Danny walker.. Thihihi