Friday, October 06, 2006

Quote of the Week – Hattie Collins, where is Holland?

Ok, time for other swish instalment of the popular ‘Quote of the Week’, here’s last week’s – FREE Xbox360. This time I have another cracker for you, its alongside Raj Kapone’s from three weeks ago - 10p a word NONSENSE, and for those who thought I wouldn’t hear another one… too late. It came very early in the week before RWD’s editor HATTIE COLLINS was whisked off to the Dominican Republic (or wherever she is right now).

Hattie Collins: What is The Netherlands? Is it part of Europe [I can’t actually remember what she said but I’ll start here].
Someone: [Geography talk]
Someone else: [… something about something… only at this point I started to actually listen]
Hattie Collins: So where’s Holland? Is Holland in Denmark?
Whole office: OMG!!!

At this point in the afternoon work ceased and everyone went home due to shock. Most of them probably went home to read my Blag of the Century.