Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quick Review: Skream - Skream!



I bet you thought the man who brought you Midnight Request Line, the biggest dub step track to date (yeah, I said it) didn’t have anything else up his Croydonian sleeve, WRONG. He has loads more to come and his debut and self-titled album is just the first. With 11 tracks - including the massive MRL – Skream’s onto a mother dubbin’ winner. Floating from electronic beat to dubbed-out break (and back again), this CD is some kind of seamless stream of playlist worthy pleasantness. I wouldn’t say every track is a ‘banger’, but I would say that every track is commendable and deserves at least 180 seconds of your time; some deserve MUCH more. The co-founder and CEO of Boy Better Know Entertainment gets a feature on Tapped as does She-emperor of the Underground, Warrior Queen. Go get your copy now. 3.5/5

Tracks to talk about on RWD forum: Dutch Flowerz and
Tapped Feat. JME
Weird track that I absolutely love: Kut-Off

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