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Lord of the Blags - RWD & Come Again - November 2004

This prestigious title is bestowed to thee who can gain possession of an item or items above or beyond their utmost achievement without currency being exchanged. Basically... This is the name for the person who gets the best free sh*t!!!
As you know, it’s all about getting stuff for free. Whether it is expensive (diamond watch), important (getting into a club gratis) or something small (the contents of Tyson’s wallet) – as long as you can say it’s free, it’s all good.
What is Blagging?
Blagging is obtaining goods without paying (legally). Any chump can steal something, and any punk can swindle some corner shop for penny sweets. But when I say obtaining goods, I mean it. Some people out there live their lives one blag after another, these are the serious blaggers. These people blag everything from milk to mobile phone credit. Hopefully with this article YOU can be a top blagger too, and get whatever you want – I don’t think Britney Spears is susceptible to blagging though (damn).
How to do it?
It’s all about confidence really, if you have this you can blag ANYTHING! Once you have faith in yourself, say that it will work, believe you have the skills and the world will be your oyster (no, not that travel card swipe thing). If Victor (from Big Brother 5) style straight talking doesn’t work try the Jedi Mind Trick – “You ARE going to give this Mini Ipod to me, and I’m NOT going to pay”. If that doesn’t work, grab the thing and run!!!
Unless it’s a beat down, it is always good to get something for free. The feeling of using lyrical content to convince someone to hand over stuff you should be paying for is better then s..s..sunday roast (unless it’s one of those roasts with stuffing and extra trimmings).
Best places to blag
The best places to blag are restaurants and chicken shops; always ask for an extra wing, drink or even extra cheese. If you don’t get what you want, here is a way you will - Eat all but one bite of your meal, go back up to the counter and say there was a hair in your food (obviously it’s your mates – but they don’t know that).
Strangest places to blag
Earlier this year I was just about to check-in to my flight and I overheard a slightly tubby Vin Diesel look alike talking about his seat. Then he started to say how many times a month he flies on this particular airline…Then all of a sudden he was UPGRADED to a First Class seat. I was like what the fudge!!! Then I tried it myself, “err, yeah I used this airline about three months ago, any chance of an upgrade” The woman looked at me as if I was chewing gum on the bottom of her…I didn’t see her feet (she looked like a white socks and sandals chick though). Later on, as I sat down in my regular cheap seat the bald man was being served Champagne – Bitch!!!
Hardest place to blag
The hardest place to blag is definitely in record shops. The average record shop is a blagger’s nightmare. They refuse to give anything up for free. Some people (You know who you are!!!) blag on their CV’s and in job interviews. Take it from me; this is dangerous. If you put down things like you know first aid and someone from your new job starts choking on the lid of their pen – EVERYONE will look at you to save their life (and eventually you’ll be going to a funeral feeling very guilty).
And finally…
The hardest thing to do is blag money, yeah, stone cold cash. So if you want a fact sheet and top secret advice, send your email address and £5 to: Danny Walker, 5 Blag House, Blagger Street, London B1 AG

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About to Blow - DaVinChe - November 2004

It’s a fact that the UK’s urban music scene produces blistering talent that just cannot be ignored. It’s also a fact that high-quality talent will bubble to the surface. In that case DaVinChe is the Soda Stream (remember them?) of the scene, with bubbles rising to the surface exponentially…
His fuse of strings and raw, mind-boggling basslines have captured many a foot tap (hell who am I kidding, people are going mad up and down the land, over his beats). When someone is receiving such red-hot adulation, you know RWD has to track them down and extract information. We met DaVinChe at the Paperchase Recordings’ studio, the home of his creations. “I used to do vocals with my friends at school” he told us, “we didn’t have anyone to make our beats. So I just came across a program (He later revealed Logic as his weapon of choice) and started using it. Then I found out I was good, and I enjoyed it as well, I could sit down for hours.” With an underground hit like Leave Me Alone feat. Kano and Katie Pearl making waves, who can blame him for working long hours in the studio, “I just love making music, and I like to have control over what I’m making, I love sitting down and analysing music. Especially the music that we’re making, it’s so different and it’s so new, I feel I’ve got a lot of influence that I can bring to it.” With DaVinChe being behind the buttons of some big remixes (Shystie’s Make It Easy springs to mind), it was time to find out what secrets he had in his locker, “It’s all hard work, I really never left the studio for a year. It was time; I just sat down in the studio, working again and again. Then obviously you need a team behind you, people that are honest with you. People that tell you, ‘na sorry that one’s rubbish’ they have to say the truth, so you can go down the right route.” Unlike some poeple (not mentioning any names) DaVinChe has full respect for the grime scene, but also has love for garage greats such as Wookie. “I think it’s early, it’s new and quite powerful, the music expresses our young culture so well. It really does, it let’s us put ourselves across through music. But music that’s real to us, so we’re not speaking in anyone else’s language. We’re saying things that we experience and we believe in, it’s full of energy.” After being voted third best grime/sublow producer in the People’s Choice Awards, he smiled and stated, “I’m just grateful, that was very nice. It put a big grin on my face. I have to say, Wiley and Jon E Cash are big, both make big tunes. Got love for them definitely.” As he blows up, he’s still staying focused, “I’m gonna keep my music coming, keep it sounding as professional as I can”. The fact that his production is so tight, I had to get him to shed some light on his album, “I wanna work with loads of people, also people you haven’t heard of and bring them in. I’m working on big projects like Katie Pearl and Essentials’ albums.” It sounds like all of these will be (in the words of Timothy Westwood) ‘straight off the meat hook’ and it’s producers like DaVinChe who are positively pushing the UK underground forward. Big Respect.

My First Booo Krooo - November 2004

The tuffest youts on road...

I'll post v soon.

What Happened When I Did the Scopes? November 2004


I'll post them up When I find them

Wot's Da Deal? - RWD & Come Again - October 2004

As the garage scene takes flight AGAIN, with more and more people catching on, getting noticed, and "getting signed", there seems to be lots of hype over being picked up by a major label. Ok, if you get signed that's cool (hook me up) but don't let it this be all you're in the game for.

The case for being signed
The FAT advance.
If you go with the right company they will sort you out with what's called an advance. It's like when you get all the wages from your part time job (for the next eight years) in one lump sum. They can't have their next major artist walking around in shabby clothes. Obviously Andre 3000 didn’t have such a deal with his label.
More heads will know you.
If all goes well, simple trips to Argos to get credit will be hassle. You might even be asked for your autograph...or is that someone from Argos asking you to sign for the L3 you just put on your solo card?
Seeing your sh*t in shops.
This must be one of the best feelings (apart from when that cheque cleared). Imagine going into a record shop and seeing your tune in amongst all the big names like
Wiley and that Craig Davis dude.
Outta the ghetto, into the frying pan.
The chance to get off the streets is big. If everything goes right you could see yourself going from the grimy endz to the S-Class Benz. Which one would you like to roll in?
The groupie. As long as you don't do ‘an Usher’, groupies would be jokes. Picture someone queuing 6 hours in the rain just to get a glimpse of you or buying tickets to see you in concert. No, don't think of them as sad losers. It's these very people that put all those new clothes on your back. (It's the ones with the tattoo of your face on their back you need to watch out for).

The case against being signed
Getting left on the shelf.
This would be scary, even scarier then Victoria Beckham's next single. It's not about being signed, telling EVERYONE, and then the label saying..."It's not your time yet kid, we'll release the album in the summer" (of 2008).
Read the small print fool.
These big labels are out to make serious dough; they don't really care about you. They might even try and change your flow, turn a raw grime act into the next Boys' Aloud or something. All singing, all dancing... LONG!!!
Straight to your head.
With all this so called fame. You'll start to wear shades when doing your PA in a rave. Or worse, try and buss a yellow and orange velour Roc-a-wear tracksuit with P.I.M.P encrusted in diamonds on the back. Ok that last one might be a bit far (just get your initials).
The descent into nothingness.
Ok you might release one decent album. All good, but what happens when you get dropped...that's right...those burgers won't flip themselves. Suddenly you'll find yourself being trained up on the till by some ex-Big Bro contestant asking customers, "would you like to go large?"
The beg friend.
When you get signed by Deliver Us Money Bitch records, these people will come out from nowhere. They will pretend they went to school with you or looked after you, when you were like four. Look out for lines like - "Member me cus, I used to sit next to you in ‘istory". You can tell he's lying...cus everyone knows that History was bunked – standard.

Both hold a strong case; it would be heavy; all the publicity, fame and attention would be good, oh and the money. However like Puffy said "Mo money, mo problems" - I bet he was talking about finding a parking space for his Hummer. The jury is out on this one because being signed can be the start and sometimes the end of your career. Getting signed is like when you drop your biscuit in your tea (it's all about custard creams). It stays at the top for a while getting all the attention...then sinks rapidly to the bottom, only to be seen again all soaked, wet and used.

How the hell did I get a job at RWDizzle?

Well after writing RWD & Come Again (what I claimed my own column) I was pestering Matt Mason (the Editor at the time) for a design job. As I had just blagged, sorry, I mean academically studied for and obtained a degree in Graphic Design Business Practice (2:1 If I may add). My aim at the time was to get into the design industry… without success.

Then… I get the call.
There was a job at RWD but it was a writing one. I thought OK, I’m not doing much just some part-time shit; let me see what Mason and the Managing Director have to offer.

The meeting…
You know when you’re in a daze and being pummelled compliments, you don’t know what’s going on. All I heard was blah blah blah… You understand the brand... Blah blah blah… You can bring this this and this to the company. I thought they were going to offer me some freelance writing job, huh, little did I know.

The offer…
£60k a year. Company car (206cc), and Personal Assistant.

As if…

The real offer…
Deputy Editor… I was like shit. I only thought I was getting an extra column or something. Then all I know, the biggest magazine on road was offering me a full-time job. They asked… “Do you wanna look over the contract and get back to us?” Hell I needed a job man but I styled it like a bad man, “Yeah, I’ll look over it and get back to you”.

The Best Thing About My Job…
Apart from the ruthless amount of free shit, going to France to review a computer game was quite good. Also the relaxed office environment, it’s like Secondary School all over again. Except the amount of work you have to do.

The Worst Thing About My Job…
The fact that my mates all think I’m mega rich now, which is the overstatement to end ALL overstatements.

What’s next…

My First Interview...

Talk about thrown in at the deep end. I was merely a grubby little freelancer and was offered the chance to interview Jon E Cash (Mr Sublow). After about 5 minutes of umms and ahhs, I stepped up to the plate. Being a very professional man, I was naturally prepared – Yeah right! I had to borrow a tape recorder from my sister and I was nervous like a chump… Enjoy.

After about 30 changes from Mr Cash this was printed in September 2004’s RWD Magazine.

Cash Flows

Although noticed and respected worldwide, bubbling underground is not enough for this guy. RWD decided it was time to catch up with Jon E Cash to find out what’s happening and what’s next in the world of Sublow…

As soon as I met Jon E, he immediately let loose on what’s what. Firstly stating “The UK garage scene is our hip hop” when he touched down in the states people were feeling the UK sound. He was adamant that any UK artists that try to copy the US sound will flop, “I’ve been in the UK hip hop scene for years, ain’t no one making no money from UK hip hop, cos they’re copying the US sound, you have to come with something fresh.” He calls the UK sound fresh. This he has ID’d as Sublow, “Cos they all use the deep base lines. It’s a fuse of a West Indies and a European sound. Whenever you go to a studio you always have a bass machine there. We’re all using it; we’re all using the same thing. So that’s the thing that brings us all together. You can have 4/4, 2-step, a beats a beat, but it’s the sound – that’s what we got.”
What do you think of the scene at the mo?
“The scene is healthy; it’s rich in quantity and quality, but poor in direction, control, management and knowledge. Too many youngsters think that they control the game.” He went on to say there are two scenes; one for MC’s and one for ravers. “You gotta bring back the DJs and the MCs need to turn into artists. Give the DJs the power back. More DJs mean more record sales and that’s how more money will flow into the industry. The last DJ that was recognised to make records sell was Slimzee, right now there is no DJ like that. Cameo should be the next DJ to go through, right now he is the only one pushing the boundaries, playing the vocal stuff and representing everyone on the Pirate Sessions on Saturdays on 1Xtra. People need to support him cos he is the DJ supporting the people.”
What's happening with Black Ops right now?
“I got a brand new club at Madame JoJo’s called Sub Sundays (Sept 5th). It’s the only rave in the West End dedicated to DJs and good music. DJs will be under pressure mixing, they can’t hide behind the MC’s. They’ll have to entertain the crowd with their hands”. When I heard big names like Slimzee, Martin Larner, Hatcha, Cameo and Femme Fatale I immediately tried to blag guest list. (Jon E, you got my number init…).
Any new additions to the collective?
“Yeah man” At this point I saw a very animated Jon E Cash as he started to tell me about a new “hungry” MC called Strapper. He mentioned that he heard Strapper workin’ the pirate radio scene hard, sometimes hearing him 2 -3 times a day. “All the MC’s right now need to watch out. I don’t even call him an MC, he’s a rapper.” (At this point I held my tongue, desperately wanting to say Strapper the Rapper).
What about your MCing?
“A lot of kids don’t understand my flow, I’m a rapper, 16 bars must have 16 different lines, its technical sh*t. I’m not into that repeating stuff.”

Question from the forum (DJ Ash Mundo): What do you think of all these young MCs and the guntalk?
“Not feeling the Gun scene, or all that talk about negativity. It’s just bad for the music. Eventually the media will just lock it off. You gotta talk about good times.”

Jon E wants people to watch out for Strapper, Sly MC, Mr Chaps, The Dutti Squad, Dread D, Charmzy, 2Real and Black Ops themselves. As September will... “be a turning point for garage, good times are coming back.” Get ready for mix CD’s, tapes, 6 vinyl releases at a time on various Black Ops labels/guises (Dubplate label, Sublow.FM, Below 40Hz, Black Ops, Cash 132, Sublow 4x4), Ops Wear, the video for the Cash Riddim. Full Black Operational mass market infiltration is coming soon. I managed to get a sneak peek of some new stuff and boy, these sounds are big!!!

Tunes to watch out for... Spangling and Peace. Catch Jon E @ Sub Sundays, Madame JoJo’s on 5th September

Back II Skool - RWD & Come Again - September 2004

Another personal favourite...

All through our lives we go through periods of change. from boy to man, girl to woman, famous to Big Brovaz. We often ask ourselves - What now? This is the time of year when we go through educational transitions. Like on that first day of Primary school, when you were looking round for the sand pit and the milk. In Primary school I remember the only thing to worry about was running away from the ugly kid with snot on his/her face in Kiss chase (sorry if that was you, but come on man). But as we get older, wiser, and more hairy, there are different things to face.


Things To Fear:
The Cussing Match - Things are getting deep these days, I remember in the day when ‘your mum’ would lead to instant armshouse. But now youngers are going on all kinds of grimy. The latest cusses on the street are brutal ranging from the simple - ‘fassy’ to more complex ones like, “Your mum used to link Gollum, but now she’s moved on to Nadia from Big Brother.”
Parent’s Evening – This is always one to fear, unless you’re a geek, sorry I mean good pupil. However if you’re a ‘troubled’ pupil, parent’s evening will be hell. A bit like getting air at a rave (init Harvey). But this can also be something to look forward to, as at least one parent will be switching on a kid. The kid could be the most ghetto yout in the endz. Until the point when his mum gives him that Steven Segal look, and tells him to fix up in class or she’ll whoop his ass. He’ll soon be quite and listen (As if it were the million pound question, without a lifeline).

Things To Look Forward To:
Socialising – Try to be as active as possible, whether this is with sport or the after school chess club. Many jokes can be obtained from such places. I know the temptation to go back to the manor and blaze mopeds is strong, but think: - If you play for the school’s football/netball team, the more lessons you’ll miss. Like when there is a tournament during double history. Also, when there is a game after school you can get out of detention – Treat that team as a get out of detention free card.
Birthday Beats, And Bundles – OBVIOUSLY, it’s not about being on the receiving end of these classic traditions. Always do some kind of style out with your parents when it’s your birthday. Bundles are always jokes, you never remember who starts them, the only thing you remember is hearing the “BUNDLE!!” and suddenly some geek is at the bottom of a pile of like 20 heads (just pray the geek ain’t YOU).


Things To Fear:
Accommodation – If you choose to go to uni, you have the option to either move out and live in halls/a house or live at home. At home you’ll know who munched your Crunch Corner from the fridge, the main fear when away from yard is the fact that most of the time there will only be out of date milk and cereal to yam. Just remember when your lumpy milk has turned chocolaty - There was another way!
Money Issues – Uni and debt go hand in hand like Michael Jackson and his Neverland guests. The way to blank out this fear is NEVER open any letters from the bank (especially not red ones) and spend more… until your overdraft’s overdraft blows up. When the bank call you (they will) answer the phone like so… “She no here, no understandings, don’t speak√© de English”.

The Things To Look Forward To:
Fresher’s Week - Even if you don’t know anyone and you have a spot the size of Abramovich’s wallet on your forehead (a real pulsating mutha), you have to reach. You WILL meet people, you WILL have fun and you WILL link someone. The Student Union – The place is sooo cheap. When was the last time you went out and got more than two drinks with a fiver…and still had change for mints? It’s the only place on the earth that you can get licked for under £3.00 (apart from a shoobs). The SU (as it’s known) is also a cool place to chill during the daytime, so drinking sessions turn from nights into days and back again. You’ll never wanna leave, just remember to leave your toothbrush in the SU toilet and that’s you!!!
Sleeping In Lectures – There is nothing better than cotchin’ in the very back of a lecture hall with your New Era down low, shielding your shut eyes, dreaming of a better place (like the Student Union).

All of these educational transitions, good or bad, mould us into better people. So when you’re next at the bottom of a bundle gasping for air, or getting in some kind of trouble after being caught snoozing, remember, have fun NOW cos after your edumacation is obtained, it will be officially time to grow up – and no one is feeling that.

How To Make A Music Videos - RWD & Come Again - August 2004

Ok... The next article is a personally favourite. I remember random people/crews in the scene putting it up on their websites. Damn I should have got paid for that man (copyright infringement or something)!!!

Let me set the scene, your crew has a decent riddim and you need to get a video together. Your budget is ultra low and is basically what you and all your crew can scrape together... So you now have £25.68, but what should the money go on?
First tings thirst. Champs - ok maybe not champs, but I know a good supermarket that does some hectic sparkling wine (£3.97). To keep costs down, it's buy one get one free. So this is the only time you can tell your mate to BOGOF.
The expensive car. Obviously like all cars in urban music videos, the car will be rented (£18.95 per day). This will give the appearance of flossin, even though the budget is as tight as Rick Waller's Y fronts.
Location, location, location. Always do the video shoot in the grimiest estate in your endz (Free). With the odd slice of footage from a random music studio: blag your way in to look around by sayin' that you're with a well known crew, and shoot some footage on the d low. Also do a few shots in the car, this will add ghetto authenticity to the shoot.
Random girls. Forget about all those agencies, put out the word on forums ( of when and where the shoot will go down (Free). Trust me; mention free champs and the chance to appear on TV, girl dem will show up - if you build it she will come. Remember ladies - apparently less is more.
Who and why. Try to feature all of your crew (Free). Even that crazy member who has his chat/rap at the end. He is the one that went to prison and still has that re-offending look in his eyes.
PULL OUT YOUR BEST SH*T!! I can't stress this enough. I've seen to many videos where they don't look ghetto fabulous, they look ghetto homeless. A cross between R.Kelly and gollum.
Creps. Make sure they are fresh. I don't care if they have 2, 3, or 5 stripes, they gotta look sharp as if your mum's copped them that morning (Free - thanks ma).
Calm down. Weird arm movements are soooo 1999, allow it man, seckle. Tell the person in the back of the shoot with the bandana and three hats on to have a Coke and a smile, and...shut the...
That extra clip. It seems to be standard to put in an extra clip of another tune. Well, do this wisely, put in a tune that will make the current tune look and sound ten times better. Try to do this somewhere different, allow LA, keep it real, go somewhere in London (£2.50 one day bus pass)
A crew's best friend. Always have an angry looking dog in the video. The dog can bark when the mopeds go past (All free). This is an urban music video classic and will add the finishing touches to the vid.

So now the cheap masterpiece is finished, you've got loads of money to spare. All you need to do is the editing, don't worry there is always some dude at your mate's uni that can edit and add the crazy graphics. Just make sure they know they're being paid in sweets (Kinda free). Last but not least...try to promote positive things, so allow the gun talk, it's all about mum talk.

Remember the ratios:
- One Avirex for every ten mans.
- Three Akademiks tracksuit for every eight mans.
- Four New Era hats for every five mans.

The Art Of Styling It Out - RWD & Come Again - July 2004

I believe that styling it out has become an Art form. People go to great lengths to save face. No one likes to be pointed and laughed at by their mates. So if you've used the line "Mum those files were on my pc when we bought it" read on cus this is for you.

1. The fake phone call flex.
I've seen this done when approaching a group of the opposite sex. Holding the phone to your ear makes you seem cool and important. Just don't let that mission impossible ring tone go off.
2.Is that a phone in your pocket?
Those ones when you're a little bit excited and you put your hands in your pocket to cover up. The guys will know what I mean by this one.
3. Trip...slip...and run.
This is done a lot up and down high streets across the land. This is usually performed when you trip on the pavement, and there are many ways to style this out. For those of us that have perfected this new Art form, we style it out by pretending after the trip that we are running for the bus or in some kind of high street race.
4. Those people with death breath.
Come on man... eating 20 mints a day will never cover the fact that you haven't brushed your teeth for like 3 weeks.
5. Curfew? What curfew?
It's all about saying that your Nan is coming over, so the fact that your mum wants you in at 6.30 is never realised by your crew.
6. Crazy stains?
Ok this is when you have a weird stain on your boxers/knickers. It's all about sayin that they are chocolate stains man (no one needs to know the truth).
7. Let the dog take the heat.
Ever used the lines... "What's that smell" or "boy, that dog needs help". When we know damn straight it was us who did it.
8. That trim.
For those out there that go to a family member for a trim/new hair do. I love the lyrics you pull off, saying it was done by the popular barbers for 10 bucks, when really it was your blind aunt. Don't forget the girl dem whose new hair style flops and they say..."j-lo was rocking this last week".
9. The cover up text!
This is sent rapidly after you text the wrong person, instead of someone your on. So then you have to text them again to pretend it was a joke ting. The cover up text is always like... "only jkin bro, I hd u den, ha ha"
10. Those PAUG ones.
People on Pay As You Go have their own rules when it comes to styling it out. The best ones have to be the..."Call me back my reception is dying" or the... One ring flex (I hate this). Why can't they just say... "Boy, you might have to call me back, cus my credit is like 13 pence."

After taking all this in, I must stress, there are some things that you can't style out, and you are left with some kind of runny egg on your face. Like when you get clocked by someone looking somewhere you shouldn't, or when the phone goes off when approaching that group of girls/men. Just remember this is a new art form and news ways of styling it out are born everyday. So next time you fall down the stairs at the cinema...err...pretend that you were checking the carpet for durability.

Budget Hioliday - RWD & Come Again - June 2004

To be uploaded When I find it

House Parties Vs. Big Raves - RWD & Come Again - May 2004

To be uploaded When I find it.

Friday, June 17, 2005

So what's all this Blog bidness about?

I know I'm late but first of all I just want to say hey to all. I'm not sure how I got into this writing lark but hey it's been fun. First of all let me let loose on the article that got me here...

The Nod

The OMG Nod
When you nod at someone but it wasn't the person you thought it was. - OH MY GOD. The shame of it!!!!
The Fake Nod
The fake nod is a half-hearted nod just because you nodded - they didn't want to nod in the first place. Ever nodded at someone and received a fake nod back?
The Nod/Wave
This is like a desperate hello. You see someone across the road and buss a nod/wave - this is desperate. Mainly young girls do this nod.
The Forced Nod
If you see someone around your manor everyday, but you don't really know him or her - you don't nod. But if you see them out of your manor or in a rave - you nod. What’s that about?!?
The Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend Nod
This is one of the most annoying nods out there; neither party wants to nod, but its compulsory.
The Missed Nod
Have you ever nodded like 3 or 4 times because the person keeps missing the nods? I hate this.
The Pre Nod Eye Contact
I F*CKING HATE THIS. Example: You see someone from your old school walking down the street. You know the nod is coming and you look at each other for about 2 seconds before the nod is administered.
The Nod Blank
You see someone and nod. The person looks in your eyes and BLANKS YOU - This is bad. Very bad. This type of nod can cause fights. If you Nod - peeps better nod back already!!!
The "Are You On Me?” Nod/Smile
This is the worst. You see someone you like on road and buss an ‘are you on me?’ nod/smile, This can go one of two ways:
1.An ‘are you on me nod/smile’ is received back - Very very rare.
2.You get the ‘you’re a crack head’ disgusted look – more common.
Some Unanswered Questions About The Nod:
Why do we nod? Why don't they do it in other countries? Why do we never nod to friends of the family, we always do the "stand on the street" corner and chat thing? (Don’t get me started on that…) Is there a nod alternative?
From now on I'm gonna just say WASSUP, with no nod... I repeat... No nod!
Words by Danny Walker

This started out as a simple post on and then I got an email from the RWD editor Matt Mason talking some madness about he wants to put it in the mag??!?!? He had read some of my post/rants and thought I was quite a funny chap. My first article/column 'The Nod' was printed April 2004. The next thing I know I was writting RWD & Come Again (the 1-2 page light-hearted column) for the UK's biggest urban music magazine... I know tell me about it. My rags to slightly better rags story is basically summed up like this: From no-good bum to journalist scum. I love it.