Friday, June 24, 2005

My First Interview...

Talk about thrown in at the deep end. I was merely a grubby little freelancer and was offered the chance to interview Jon E Cash (Mr Sublow). After about 5 minutes of umms and ahhs, I stepped up to the plate. Being a very professional man, I was naturally prepared – Yeah right! I had to borrow a tape recorder from my sister and I was nervous like a chump… Enjoy.

After about 30 changes from Mr Cash this was printed in September 2004’s RWD Magazine.

Cash Flows

Although noticed and respected worldwide, bubbling underground is not enough for this guy. RWD decided it was time to catch up with Jon E Cash to find out what’s happening and what’s next in the world of Sublow…

As soon as I met Jon E, he immediately let loose on what’s what. Firstly stating “The UK garage scene is our hip hop” when he touched down in the states people were feeling the UK sound. He was adamant that any UK artists that try to copy the US sound will flop, “I’ve been in the UK hip hop scene for years, ain’t no one making no money from UK hip hop, cos they’re copying the US sound, you have to come with something fresh.” He calls the UK sound fresh. This he has ID’d as Sublow, “Cos they all use the deep base lines. It’s a fuse of a West Indies and a European sound. Whenever you go to a studio you always have a bass machine there. We’re all using it; we’re all using the same thing. So that’s the thing that brings us all together. You can have 4/4, 2-step, a beats a beat, but it’s the sound – that’s what we got.”
What do you think of the scene at the mo?
“The scene is healthy; it’s rich in quantity and quality, but poor in direction, control, management and knowledge. Too many youngsters think that they control the game.” He went on to say there are two scenes; one for MC’s and one for ravers. “You gotta bring back the DJs and the MCs need to turn into artists. Give the DJs the power back. More DJs mean more record sales and that’s how more money will flow into the industry. The last DJ that was recognised to make records sell was Slimzee, right now there is no DJ like that. Cameo should be the next DJ to go through, right now he is the only one pushing the boundaries, playing the vocal stuff and representing everyone on the Pirate Sessions on Saturdays on 1Xtra. People need to support him cos he is the DJ supporting the people.”
What's happening with Black Ops right now?
“I got a brand new club at Madame JoJo’s called Sub Sundays (Sept 5th). It’s the only rave in the West End dedicated to DJs and good music. DJs will be under pressure mixing, they can’t hide behind the MC’s. They’ll have to entertain the crowd with their hands”. When I heard big names like Slimzee, Martin Larner, Hatcha, Cameo and Femme Fatale I immediately tried to blag guest list. (Jon E, you got my number init…).
Any new additions to the collective?
“Yeah man” At this point I saw a very animated Jon E Cash as he started to tell me about a new “hungry” MC called Strapper. He mentioned that he heard Strapper workin’ the pirate radio scene hard, sometimes hearing him 2 -3 times a day. “All the MC’s right now need to watch out. I don’t even call him an MC, he’s a rapper.” (At this point I held my tongue, desperately wanting to say Strapper the Rapper).
What about your MCing?
“A lot of kids don’t understand my flow, I’m a rapper, 16 bars must have 16 different lines, its technical sh*t. I’m not into that repeating stuff.”

Question from the forum (DJ Ash Mundo): What do you think of all these young MCs and the guntalk?
“Not feeling the Gun scene, or all that talk about negativity. It’s just bad for the music. Eventually the media will just lock it off. You gotta talk about good times.”

Jon E wants people to watch out for Strapper, Sly MC, Mr Chaps, The Dutti Squad, Dread D, Charmzy, 2Real and Black Ops themselves. As September will... “be a turning point for garage, good times are coming back.” Get ready for mix CD’s, tapes, 6 vinyl releases at a time on various Black Ops labels/guises (Dubplate label, Sublow.FM, Below 40Hz, Black Ops, Cash 132, Sublow 4x4), Ops Wear, the video for the Cash Riddim. Full Black Operational mass market infiltration is coming soon. I managed to get a sneak peek of some new stuff and boy, these sounds are big!!!

Tunes to watch out for... Spangling and Peace. Catch Jon E @ Sub Sundays, Madame JoJo’s on 5th September