Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Quick Review: TS7 Remix of Estelle’s American Boy

I was bang on Estelle’s Will.I.Am produced, Kanye West featuring single – taken from the slightly above average LP that is Shine - but the TS7 remix of American Boy is nuts. I think its the reason Estelle got to No.1, probably not but that would be nice. iTtunes is you!!! 79p cuz, “It’s a Baseline ting!!!”

TS7 hails from Bradford (that’s up north somewhere) and is moving in the bassline scene. Here is the best of TS7… it’s a lot… ask your mum’s aunt?

In related news, if I had a womb I would be feeling Estelle’s second album a little more. In places the whiny Rastafari raps (Rastafaraps, if you will) are a little too much!