Monday, April 07, 2008

Griminal TV - Griminal VS Jammer

lol - This is not the first time I have noticed but... Jammer needs new bars/ videos/ something. This is not the first time the reactions to his bars have been more tepid than a 6 hour-old cup of tea. I guess the days of grabbing the mic (unbooked) and reeling off “I’m a big man but I’m not 30!!!” are long gone.

In related news Jammer’s Are You Dumb? – Vol.3 is out right about now. It features the likes of Oi and can be purchased from the ususal outlets. Of the tunes I've heard so far its his best in the series.

In related news check this vid with Jammer, Slim Ting and co. (it’s apparently a lot)…

And Griminal’s short but relatively sweet mixtape (with It’s A Lot and Dance) can be found on [].

That my friends is a lot…


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