Sunday, April 27, 2008

Onitsuka Tiger Launch Trainer Vending Machine!!!

Crazy huh? I was thinking exactly the same thing. The guys over at Onitsuka Tiger have just unveiled the UK’s first ever vending machine for trainers. If you got bored with canned drinks packed into a machine a long time ago – and even those fancy chocolate-fuelled contraptions – this might be the device for you…

Much like something straight out of the Back to the Future series, Onitsuka Tiger have packed a vending appliance full to the brim with those divine sole-clad goodies they’re renowned for.

The box-o-wonder is heaving with the over 100 bespoke parts and can vend 24 pairs of trainers at any one time, in any of 6 sizes. Onitsuka Tiger Brand Manager, Penny Keen, said in a statement, “We hope trainer fans love our latest creation as much as we do and enjoy the latest and most innovative way to buy their Tiger Feet. Onitsuka Tiger prides itself on its heritage, so taking inspiration from modern day Japanese vending machines (which vend anything from eggs to loo rolls) seemed like the perfect next step for the brand; it’s satisfying knowing that we’re the first in the UK to do it and we can’t wait to take it to Onitsuka Tiger fans across the country.”

After making a star appearance in London’s Carnaby Street, the vending machine will now be stationed at various locations across the UK throughout 2008.

Right now I'm searching down the back of the office sofa for loose change so I can treat myself to a footwear upgrade.