Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick Review: Kanye does Vodafone TBA

Here’s my footage of Stronger from KanYe West’s Vodafone gig (catch it quick befoe it gets removed)…

I don’t actually know how people got tickets to this – I guess it was via texting some overpriced number – however they were queuing around the block. After waiting 59 minutes for Mr George Bush Does Not Care About Black People, we were treated to a half decent gig. As my colleague stated it was more an audience with KanYe but nonetheless I thought it was alright, still. After DJ A-TRAK setup the Powerbook and joined West’s luminous orchestra, the Louis Vuitton Don ran out and went straight into I Wonder (I think). Which he later had to do again.

As well as a few old hits like All Falls Down and Touch the Sky, he went through new tracks from forthcoming Graduation - including the previously mentioned opener, colossal Stronger, impressively catchy Can’t Tell Me Nothing and the ultimate Jay-Z breddage that is Big Brother. Asking the band to “keep playing” whilst he spoke cos it made what he was saying sound “more powerful”, ‘Ye spoke before and after each song and made a few jokes. He played the piano very well too. In short it was better than staying in and watching Eastenders.

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Why does he have to hook up with Vocoder Man!!!! Nooooo