Monday, August 27, 2007

Orlando's Power 95.3

Just thinking about music (as you do at the end of a Bank Holiday Monday in August) and when in the States, we were constantly listening to Orlando’s Power 95.3. If you don’t know about this station it’s one of the biggest hip hop stations in the area (and the only one you can pick up). Their selective playlist includes a variety of “hits” including T-Pain’s Bartender, Plies Shawty Ft. T-Pain, T-Pain’s classic Buy U A Drank and another other vocoder reliant nonsense. They play Florida’s very own T-Pain shamelessly as well. After every three tracks you’re guaranteed to hear a T-Pain track. If it’s not by Tallahassee’s vocally challenged Rappa Turnt Sanga it’s featuring him... or Sean "can't get THAT song out of your head once it's in there" Kingston. Every so often though, you are treated to…

Hurricane Chris – A Bay Bay

Despite this being slightly late/ old, I remember we went out one night and this track was dropped (by the T-Pain tribute band/ DJ) and every one went mad like it was Pow! (three years ago) or something. Ahhhhh memories.

Soulja Boy – Crank Dat Soulja Boy

How can you resist these lyrics, “Superman dat hoe” and, “I’m joccin on ya. I’m joccin on ya”… It’s not about getting jocced on!!!

Baby Bo da Prince – Way I Live

Uploaded 27 December 2006, talk about late!!! My lateness game is tight right now I know, but then again US hip hop has never been at the top of my priorities list. This track kinda grew on me, it’s average but when you hear it after to T-Pain it sounds better. “sssDissszzzsss-issssss-da-wayzzz-I-live,” is it me or has he got a lisp or is that the grillllllzzzz-talkingsszz.

Other good radio tracks included Fabolous’ Make Me Better, Lil Wayne’s Go DJ, Smitty Died in your Arms and some other shit just can’t remember.

In conclusion the station is either owned by Akon, T-Pain’s mother or the man himself. Just imagine in 5 years time if Boy Better Know PLC bought up BBC’s Radio One and every third track was from JME’s latest mixtape (who knows he might even have an LP out by then), Skepta’s Greatest Hits Part 5 or Wiley’s Tunnel Vision Vol. 37. Wouldn’t that be mad??? Hmmmm.


JoccinOnYou!! said...

It's all about gettin "joccd on" for you! danny walker-most joccd on playa of 2k7 in the US! N yh im pretty sure
T-pain owns at least 80% of 95.3. U cnt remember tha tracks!? I made a CD named 'florida's most over-used tracks'....i will gladly post it up!
Peace small player!