Saturday, August 18, 2007

I’m back and I’m back in a big way and I’m back with my strap!!!

I’m back from my holiday man (see 20 pics here). I must say TWO weeks (I know it seemed like longer) in America was actually great. It was all about chilling in the villa, theme parks (Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens, Sea World and them way dere) and INTENSE shopping sprees. The much desevred break only had two downsides really, and they were as follows… The first infuriating event was the FIVE hour wait at Gatwick as our plane was delayed on the way out. The second was the icing on the “Are They Taking The Piss” cake, on the return journey they (they, being DIRKHEAD Airlines) LOST my baggage.
I can’t describe the feeling that resides in the bottom of your airplane food-full-stomach when all 500 passengers’ suitcases, golf clubs and buggies come out of baggage claim and yours is nowhere to be seen. I had to fill out these bullcrap forms as a sweaty joke-of-a-man simply slumped in his chair and made the odd noise from his snout, “Don’t worry this happens all the time,” like I wanna hear that shit buddy. To top it off it tried to palm me off with, “We find MOST of the luggage and return it within 48 hours,” damn them.

LUCKILY it was returned to me some THREE days later but still, it wasn’t good. To be honest everything in my suitcase (six pairs of trainers, T.Magic tees, Arsenal kits, Evisu, Ralph, Levis Red, Akademiks, Guess, Nike, Puma and so on) was totally replaceable but it’s not the point. I got mugged off for over 72 hours.

In my absence a lot has happened, I missed Arsenal’s opening game of the season and one of my mates got the pleasure of my season ticket. I wasn’t there when these very pages of nonsense were mentioned in GUARDIAN'S THE GUIDE. And I was on the plane for Kanye West’s Graduation playback. Luckily Rajveer has let me and the rest of the world know what the LP is saying.

So what’s been happening? [Craaaaig David] Fill Me In… [/Craaaaig David]