Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quick Review - Heroes Season 1

Don't worry the following words of heroic wisdom do not contain any spoilers. As a fan of both 24 and Lost, in order of preference, I just couldn't do that you. If the only “Heroes” you know about, closely trail the words “Gym Class” you need to read on cos there’s a new visual Chokehold in town.

I first got into Heroes when I was surfing on the ol' Sky earlier this year. You know when it's about 11pm and you’re just flicking through the channels - almost making your own show of clips - desperately looking for anything other than ancient episodes of Cribs and Pimp My Ride. I think the first episode I watched was like #5 or something, so I never got into it as I hadn't seen it from the start. Then I think I watched another show on another occasion and people were flying and shit so I thought... This could be kinda good.

The next event in my Heroes timeline happened when my brother called me up saying he had just watched the whole series online raving how BIG it was - The same brother who had got me into the legendary show that is Seinfeld some 10 odd years earlier. At that point I calmly scrolled to my online sources and watched the first episode and from that moment… I was hooked.

The first episode (In His Own Image) - at this point I assume you've viewed – it’s only a tip of the Heroberg and merely introduces you to a few of the characters you'll be loving, hating or shouting at over a total of 23 shows. The likes of Peter, Nathan and Mrs Petrelli, Dr. Mohinder Suresh, Niki and Micah Sanders, Claire, Mr and Mrs Bennet, Ando, Hiro ‘I Did It’ Nakamura and the future painting ‘Mr Isaac’. It’s not the most dramatic of series openings (compared to Lost’s plane crash and Jack Bauer cutting off someone’s head in one of the six series) but it’s a good introduction. You see a glimpse of what’s in store and more importantly what people can do… especially Claire. Remember… ‘Save the cheerleader, save the World.’

Even though Peter Petrelli is a straight up G!!! My favourite Hero just happens to be of the same name… Hiro Nakamura.

You see… ^^^, as well as being funny, charismatic and having a more than useful ability – the gift of being able to BEND/ STOP TIME!!! - Tokyo’s finest is a Sword Wielding Bad-a-man!!!

In short, the first series of Heroes is big, a little better than Lost (as we STILL don’t know what the uncle fudge is going on) and better than the last series of 24… fact. I await your comments…