Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Win Doller Da Du$tman's 'I Ain't Come To Beg Friend'!!!

For those that witnessed I Ain’t Come To Beg Friend… Volume 1, you’ll be pleased to know that I Ain’t Come To Beg Friend… Volume 2 is here. Doller Da Du$tman has earned his notoriety working hard on the underground – he’s often been seen at three in the morning with more energy than most, rejuvenating the crowd of a lacklustre dance.
After the Cold Blooded MC sprang onto the scene, with he’s quirky antics and liveliness that would make a cat on a hot tin roof jealous, he hasn’t stopped in his bid to get his green Stan Smith-clad foot in the door. We’ve got our hands on 10 copies of the second coming, I Ain’t Come To Beg Friend… Volume 2.

All you have to do is answer this simple question:
Doller is notorious for saying a certain phrase. In fact it’s written on BOTH of his mixtape covers… Please finish that phrase.

“I ain’t come to beg friend, I’ve come to cause a whole heap of…”

A – Problems
B – Issues
C – Zoop Zoop’s

For a chance to win one of 10 copies send your answer and your full contact details via email (Subject: Doller Comp) to Competition closes November 13 2006. For clues and more info check
Online review soon come... My Pen is the biggest track so far!!!