Monday, November 06, 2006

Record of the Day (VOTE FOR RWD)

When your busy fingers are free and have stopped updating your MySpace page, we might need them and you…

It’s that time of year again when the industry looks upon, Record of the Day to tell them who’s the best of the best in publishing. Naturally we’re up again as Best Magazine, website ( AND Editor… the amazing Hattie Collins. Here’s what the Sunday Times’s Dan Carins had to say about Record of the Day… "I'm probably a bit biased as I won one, but I thought it was a really fun evening, amazingly harmonious given the rivalry and fragile egos in the room (mine included!), a long overdue beanfest in recognition of the work everyone involved does, plus a nice and healthy note of competition. I'd definitely go again, award or not, it was a really good chance to meet up with people and have a gossip. Thanks for all your work in organising it, and for your invaluable daily and weekly feeds throughout the year."

Remember you’re not obliged to vote in EVERY category… just the one’s that we’re in (for Hattie Collins and RWD of course).