Friday, March 24, 2006

Quote of the Week - Crackhead/ Tramp Man

Pre entry to CrapDonald’s I was approached by a random down-and-out. Well saying that he and his ‘girlfriend’ (at least I think it was a woman), looked as if they were just soap dodging hostel dwellers. Anyway where was I. The male of the Job Centre dropouts – stinking as he was, spoke. “Yo mate, have you got any spare change,” he oozed. Immediately I drew for the standardly-quick, “erm, sorry dude,” mug off bars. The tenner in my pocket didn’t even have time to hide itself in my Nike wallet before the deadbeat unleashed…

“It’s Ok man, I’ve got 20 quid in change ANYWAY!!!” [as he produces a load of copper-based currency from his dirty-ridden pocket].

The cheeky tramp.


LIONESS said...

Lol!! Something about this post is so wrong, I dont know if its the fact that my man was brazen enough to say “It’s Ok man, I’ve got 20 quid in change ANYWAY!!!” or that you called him a cheeky tramp.