Monday, March 20, 2006

Club Liberty - Whistle Guy

Club Liberty - Whistle Guy
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

A colder than cold March evening in Islington’s Carling Academy started with VIP entry (you know how we do) and the sweet-hum of a more than welcome metal detector pass over our pre-chilled bodies. The 2nd Official Colisseum Reunion was underway and our frozen ears were met with some garage classics via DJ Kanga. With help from MC Nessie reeling-off old skool bars, it was then when we realised those metal detectors were actually some kind of Tardis-style time machine, transporting us back to the days when anti-screwface raving was enjoyable. Knowing that EZ and Heartless were on the way, we adopted the vulture position and hovered around the bar knowing the night was young. At that point only going to the front of the rave to collect a mountain of free whistles (see eBay for more details on those). A fare mix of scantily clad females and freshly garmed-up fellas joined on the filling dancefloor and the night heated up (so did our ears). Kanga explored his record box thoroughly reaching for big tunes, you know those tracks you thought you might not actually hear in a dance again - a good start.
Matt Jam Lamont re-kicked things off and pumped a rejuvenated house and garage-led sound into the now almost full audience. Through the rotating lights and dimmed stage we eyed PSG… exactly… ‘bad boy style’ - we’re sure the new pretenders to the MCing throne, ie. Flirta D (and others who implement noises into their popular flows), owe a lot to this man. The reunion was well underway. PSG let loose many well-liked lyrics, whilst we attempted to keep up but were soon out of breath.
Easily earning his booking fee Matt Jam proved why he’s still big pon the decks, dropping more than a few huge tracks just before handing over the cross fader to Heartless Crew. Minus Bushkin a slimmed down Heartless which obviously included remaining members Fonti and Mighty Mo, got straight to it. Fonti sporting a two foot tall black and green Guinness hat told the audience why Bushkin was absent, “Sorry ‘bout Bushkin, but he’s ‘ill’ in bed!” At that point we were more interested about the ridiculous hat. Via the mic, he informed, “Yeah, just came fresh from Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day went off.” Big! We excuse him for the headwear now. Also girls were screaming for it, so it had its desired effect. Not forgetting Mo (who was working his… uncombed hair off) at the front gave us the well waited for “Crisp Biscuit”, in typical Heartless fashion they entertained to the max. Fonti went from deck to mic and back again, whilst Mo whipped up a storm. We then forgave him for the lacklustre hair. If you got in before 12 this was worth the money alone. The Ends’ From the Ends and DJ Lewi’s Hold Me Tight smashed it although oldies but goodies, Joy and What’s Goin’ On from Mark Ruff Ryder and Wookie respectively won Tracks of the Night, well, until they unleashed a section of chart-friendly funky house and it was hard to choose which track earned the converted TOTN title – Maybe Mylo’s Dr Pressure.
With Track of the Night already laid down (kinda) it was time for EZ and Intro No.5 or 4 or 12 (we really don’t know – but it was big) to see if he could compete with the entertainers. Joined by Kofi ‘We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday’ B who surprisingly didn’t let loose those well-known lines, EZ excelled. His hat bobbed up and down long enough for him to distract us from B-Live’s arrival, a swift, “Clack, clack” was met with an instantaneous reload!!! B-Live went on to murk the dance followed by impromptu Doneao and Sharky P appearances. A very very good and trouble-free night.