Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adulthood Preview!!!

I wrote this a while ago... The views still stand;


When Kidulthood dropped in 2006 it pried open eyes to what was actually going on in parts of the country. It depicted 14/ 15 year-olds from their point of view and conveyed a ruthless side of life that many live each day. The follow-up is a fast-paced, grown-up slice of London living. Noel Clarke (writer/ main character ‘Sam’) has done it again. Not only is the main narrative on-point – Sam’s released from prison and strives to avoid beef, instant shankings and revenge attacks for Trife’s death – Clarke’s not afraid to address several issues like pier pressure, street hierarchy and drugs. When it’s released (20 June) we suggest you check it out… and the soundtrack.