Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Top 10 List of Artist’s Who Fall On/ Off Stage!!! (5-1)

Ok, and here is is the top 5...

No.5 – Beyonce

It is styled out very well but a buckle nonetheless. For sheer celeb factor this ranks high.

No.4 – Shakira

The way she lingers is very very funny. I think her leg goes down a mine shaft.

No.3 – Michelle From Destiny’s Child

The way Kelly just looks at her as if she is DIRT is so funny, I think she wanted to pull Michelle’s weave off and start punching her upside her head with it. The glance of distain is actually evil.

No.2 – Professor Green

OMG, when I first saw this I was like… what… did he just and each time I watch it gets funnier and funnier. The crowds reaction says it all too.

No.1 – Robbie Williams

The cockiest man alive falls LIVE on Sky One in front of 35 million people. It looked like it bruised more than his ego too. YESSS!!! This is No.1 and will remain here until an artist makes more of a fool than the ex-Take That sanga. Is it wrong to wish for it to happen again to the same guy? I thinks not. Close to hilarious.