Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Who would win in a fight 2!!!!!!!!!

Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Flavoured Volvic Water (Strawberry) Vs Ribena (Blackcurrant)

That’s right, the fight to get bought. I know this is a hard one; I’m sure this very question has split families, caused more black eyes than Tyson (in the good years) and had the holiest of priests f’in and blinding. Once again both hold a tight case; it’s like the OJ trial all over again.

Strawberry Volvic
Obviously the best in the Touch of Fruit range, unquestionably winning hands down to second place, Exotic Fruit, this lovely liquid has come a long way.

Blackcurrant Ribena
The original thirst zapping drink! This has soothed taste buds all over the world, without batting a drylid.

How would it start?
Picture the scene: The Greendale’s (only fake typical 2.4 family name I could think of) are doing their monthly shop (Somerfield – standard – you know about those deals). As well as the usual family shit they all pick up items just for them, Mr Greendale picks up his regulars: Extra meat, alcohol (to cope with Mrs Greendale’s tantrums) magazines and ice cream. Mrs Greendale picks up hers: Make-up, (alcohol to cope with Match of the Day), book about feelings and random product that if finished by Mr Greendale will cause him sleeping on the sofa – AGAIN. The 2.4 kids run and pick up their favourite drinks!!!

What would each bring to the battle?
Strawberry Volvic – The clear bottle/water often attracts when in any chiller/hand. It’s like a magical liquid, whose secrets you MUST find out.
Ribena – Even with the insane new packaging/logo, you know when you’ve been, erm… Bena’d!?!?!? (Sorry it sounded funny in my head).

Special Moves:
Strawberry Volvic: The invisible cloak-like image!
Ribena: Lacking in the move department, but tastes great!

Who would win?
Ribena! After a stint in the shopping basket the Volv’ would hit room temperature and have you tasted that shite at room temp. It tastes like the sap from dude eggs!!!!!!!! (Huh!?!?!?)

The 2.4 kids would get neither product, and the parents slam them back onto the shelves in a vain attempt to ruthlessly pack more Super T into the trolley – Someone call the social!!!! Mr Greendale gets the sack and next month the Greendale’s are seen shopping in Lidl’s (Lord help them).


Anonymous said...

What a waste of time, you must be really bored or really sad? which is it?

Danny Walker said...

I know, I'm like some kind of mega loser. Anyway... which is it?

Ribena or Volvic?

Anonymous said...

Mega Loser it is!

Danny Walker said...

You seem like a Bena guy...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Ribena all the way! It looks totally hard!

And two comment spams, I see. Stupid spammers.

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