Friday, November 19, 2010

Diesel 30 Day Turbodenim Challenge – Day 4

It’s now Day 4 of the jeans challenge. Day 4? Feels like we’re in a series of 24 right now, especially when we’re trying to turn raw denim jeans into vintage classics in just 30 days. Any minute Jack Bauer could jump out of a cupboard, grab us up, tie us with telephone wire up and force us to tell him everything?!?!? EVERYTHING!?!?!?!

Ok, so last time you saw us using Nandos Extra Extra Hot crisps to tick off one of the challenge boxes, WIPE. Diesel’s Turbodenim reacted very well to the Peri-Peri-ness and they still remain in a great condition. Oh, yeah. We’ll see about that. Let’s put these bad boys to the test.

As you can see from the zip card above there are many stages still to get through. But to speed this process up, today we went for CLIMB, SLIDE, TUMBLE, ROLL and… IRON…?!?!?

Keep locked to to find out how we’re getting on with our pairs of Turbodenim and remember when you get yours, those who photograph their best efforts and upload them to or the most innovative and imaginative methods will be in the draw for one of Diesel’s amazing prizes.