Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diesel 30 Day Turbodenim Challenge – Day 1

When Uncle Sam came knocking on the rhinestone-clad doors of Elvis, Shaggy and Muhammad Ali they didn’t go running like scared little babies, afraid foreign forces would get the better of them. They stood up to be counted, they knew it was their time to make a difference and sculpt the world into a better place. Ok, maybe Muhammad did some running but you know what we mean. A few decades down the line and Diesel decided to call up RWD’s Danny Walker and Chidi Ubani to partake in their 30 Day Turbodenim Challenge…

Answering the call was a simple one, “What, we get free Diesel jeans? Yeah, we’re up for that.” However, actually participating was a different story, we had to read a press release, know what waist size we were and (to top it off) navigate halfway across London (about three stops on the Underground) to pick them up. Tough work don’t you think?
After the hardship of the journey, it was a pleasure that Carnaby Street still hadn’t woken up yet. Without brushing a single shoulder or stepping on anyone’s toes we infiltrated the Diesel store. Only one decision left now… skinny fit or regular? Although the skinny fit was a good cut, it was all about regular ones.
So what is this 30 Day Challenge about?
When Diesel and ISKO™ – the world’s biggest denim manufacturer – joined forces to create Turbotech™, who’d have thought it would be RWD getting the call to try out their new range of Turbodenim. Basically we have to crawl, stretch, skid, tumble, climb, surf, lift, dive and skank in our jeans to see if we could age them in a month.
Sounds good, right? President and founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso, also spoke highly of the new collab. “This incredible, innovative fabric, developed in collaboration with ISKO™, allows denim to live and change according to the wearer’s lifestyle. It’s a real second skin – enjoy it!” And we will Renzo.

So here is what we need to do for the next 30 days…!?!?!?!


And more images from Day 1…

Keep locked to RWDmag.com to find out how we’re getting on with our pairs of Turbodenim and remember when you get yours, those who photograph their best efforts and upload them to Facebook.com or Diesel.com the most innovative and imaginative methods will be in the draw for one of Diesel’s amazing prizes.