Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New York - Part 3 of 3: Our Sightseeing Game Was Tight!!!

Not only was our shopping game on-point like Eric Bristow’s best session rate (who knows about Woodbury Common) but our sightseeing game was ridunckulous!!! We saw everything from Harlem to Brooklyn Bridge, literally. The first thing though was Times Square… what a bright place that is. It may have been my second visit to the Big Apple but certain sights like the aforementioned @ Broadway and 42nd are amazing, every time. It’s like an overgrown concrete Christmas tree and the electricity-draining boards are stacked one on top of the other like somekind of electronic advertising car park. Imagine Piccadilly Circus… but not shit.

Times Square

The Rockefeller Centre

There was a debate as to whether the view of New York is better from the Top of the Rock or the top of the Empire State Building. I can easily say the view from the Top of the Rock is better… because you can see the Empire State Building. Simple.

View from the Rockefeller Centre

The New York Times

Everything in New York is big. Here is a pic of their “local” newspaper…

The New York Times

Here is a pic of my local paper (I didn’t take it… I stole it from Google)…

For some reason I think The New York Times looks better. Come on Camden Council fix up, I know there was a bit of a situation the other day (when about 12% of Camden burnt down) but come on.

The Brooklyn Bridge

This place is just great. We were gonna walk across to Brooklyn but it was long. Instead we went about a third of the way down and took pics in ore. This is one of my favourite New York attractions/ sights. I don’t even know why… I just really like it.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Statue of Liberty

Like Liberty Island a lot but it was colder than the sole of a penguin’s foot so it took away the beauty. Instead I was waiting for that stinking boat to come back and take me to my nice hotel room (where a sweet 5% lady called Ms Becks was waiting).

Statue of Liberty

Wall Street

This is the financial capital of the world (I heard that somewhere) me and my bank account have no business being here.

Wall St

For more photos (Yankees stadium, The Flat Iron Building and Harlem) check the other pics on My Flickr