Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Give Blood Today... So I did.

Alongside Ashley Walters, Danny John-Jules (Kat from Red Dwarf) Mo George (Gus from Eastenders) and Robbie Gee (Snatch/ Lee from Desmonds - done know about Desmonds), I gave blood yesterday. I'm not asking for a medal (although a cookie would be nice) its all about others doing the same. Especially those from the black and asian communities. Go go go... Or at least think about it.

Here are the sweets, fruit and goodies. That's right you get FREE munch... FREE, I tells ya. If saving lives doesn't get you in the booth how about FREE munch? Did I mention it was FREE?

Here's Gus Mo and Kat Danny. They were really up for it, "Today is going good thank you very much," I hear after asking a quiet Mo how his day was going. "I just wanna eat some of this food and get myself ready. I haven't done my test yet but Danny has done it all." Sounding exactly like his iconic 90s character Mr John-Jules pipes up. "Yeah, I dunno if they put it in or took it out but something has happened." The two join each other in a nervous laugh. "I'm buzzing now and I feel good. It's all for a good cause."

The fact that so few donors come from the black and asian communities was a suprise to us all. "I was one of those people that knew about it but just didn't do it," Mo informs. "I went to the ACLT earlier this year and made sure I put my name down." Danny continues, "We need to tell the man dem cos everyone gets knocked down and run over. The low levels [of blood] are dangerous right now. Just think it could be one of your family next time."

Mid interview, I get called for my test...

Waiting in the room... Aghhhh

Here is the test (they need to make sure you can actually give blood). I didn't ask what it was for excatly, but they need to do it. This mini-test thing was nothing. I guess Posh Spice gets a small prick every other night so if she can handle it so could I (no homo).

Here's the room where it all goes down...

I sat down next to someone who I thought was going to soldier the whole thing but it turns out Asher D Ashley Walters isn't so So Solid after all. He was making pure noise. Smiles and laughter of uncertainty were meet with half-jokes of, "WHO SIGNED ME UP FOR THIS", crys of, "How is it going Mo?" and "AgggGGhhhhhh". He was cool in the end though.

Meanwhile, they took their 170ml of Walkeraid: The Good Stuff and across the room Mo - who was videoing the whole event - let loose his thoughts. "That's fantastic" as he looked at his pint of warm blood being packed away next to the fresh helping of Dannydonian Spring. "I can't believe it and that is gonna help up to THREE people." It sure is dude. After that I was done. I may have been a pint of Formula Walks down but felt good knowing I'd finally done my bit. Standardly, on my way to the door I grabbed my weight in shortcake biscuits and fled into the night!!! You-know-dem-way-dere!!!