Thursday, November 29, 2007

Black Boys Remix

Ok, so I'm in the Alwayz Recording studios, deep in the heart of North London and I bump into Wretch 32 – who gives me his 3 Verses CD – anyway. I’m leaving and he says, “Oh yeah, I done a ting for you on a remix”… ok, there’s me thinking he’s gonna be sending for man and I’m gonna have to write some bars. Na, I wasn’t really but that sounds funny me battling Wretch.

Truthfully, I think nothing of it and go about my ridiculously busy day, standard. Next thing I know… a couple of weeks later (about a week ago) I start getting text messages and emails from people saying I'm mentioned on the big Black Boys remix? I’m like huh? Well, here it is… -03:08 on the dot. Big. Safe Wretchclart.

Here are my appearance stats…
Total times mentioned in a tune now; about 2.
Total times mentioned on artist credits: about 5. (It would be more but “apparently” Skepta “forgot” me, deep. I’m cool. The ego recovered a long time ago.
Total times mentioned in non-RWD articles: about 1.
Total times pictured in non-RWD articles: about 2.
Total times a deadout car of mine has featured in RWD or on a DVD: about 2.
Total times my name has been printed in RWD: about a million.
Total times sent for on; 290.