Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Skepta`s Mum Talks Greatest Hits

^^^Skepta @ Rollerdisco^^^

Online record shops like RWDshop.com and such may have been shotting copies from last week but from today, the likes of HMV are now officially stocking Boy Better Know’s latest release. Titled Greatest Hits, it’s a very bold statement from Joseph Junior Adenuga but last time RWD exclusively spoke to Mrs Adenuga she told us that her son has always been an “Extrovert,” also explaining, “everything he does is loud.” So how audible does mumzie find his latest offering? As supportive as ever she energetically informs “I like it, I really like it.” Just coming back from HMV, (“I stood there and watched a few get sold,”) she tells us that more mothers should get onboard with what their sons and daughters are doing, “I was just thinking it would be nice for every parent or carer to get involved and keep them on the straight and narrow. If the parents are involved they do things more responsibly.”

Not only proud of her oldest son, she’s “Ecstatic,” she jubilantly divulged. “I’m really impressed with everything. In fact, the first track [The Journey] takes me on a trip down memory lane. I don’t know how he came up with the concept but he talks about when I was expecting him. He even talks about when he nearly fell out of the window as well.” With everyone having their favourite track (mine being I Spy Ft. Jammer) it was soon time to ask Mrs Adenuga’s… obviously Sweet Mother is not included, “Apart from Sweet Mother, my favourite track has to be the Blood, Sweat and Tears track. I like that because it gave all the musicians (I don’t know their names) but it gave them the opportunity to send a message to the young people. It talks about all the people who have fought for our rights and then we just go and kill ourselves… that makes sense, it’s my favourite.” Not only liking tracks No.11 and No.13, respectively, there are a few others which get a special mention. “With In A Corner, I like the beat,” we’re told. “I like the fact that three or four of them have put their heads into it. One person is saying this and another person is saying that. It just gives me an idea of what they are doing out there. For him to sing that, it shows how some of them pick on each other. It’s a nice record but much more. It gave me an idea of what their scene is like. With more tracks like this I can see grime going into the mainstream, it’s not all about knife/ gun/ knife/ gun… grime music is like any other genre.”

With every t-shirt sold, increasing conscious lyrics and lessons learned in Ayia Napa last year (if you’re in the dark about those events check the skit - track No.7) Skepta is learning valuable lessons with each day he reigns in the music game. “For him to include the Ayia Napa story on his LP, it shows he is growing up,” his mum tells RWD, “I like that one as well. When he was going through that we were dying in the house here, so listening to that shows he was able to deal with it and learn from it as well. That is the most important thing. I think he has matured so much.” Along the way, it seems everyone is growing wiser, “I have learned that no matter how old the young people think we are we should get involved with everything they do. We should try to do as little or as much as we can, just so they know we are there for them. So they fear, they respect or they just get the much needed social skills from us. We won’t go to raves with them obviously but I listen to shows and support their work.”

Common, Nas and other artists have all bridged the gap and linked up with their parents on a track, RWD wondered if they’ll ever be a parental addition to Boy Better Know’s back catalogue. Our answer is swift but vague, “I’m still battling that,” she states of a collabo. “There are a lot of people in Nigeria that want to see a Sweet Mother release and want me to be on it but…” we await the exclusive news, “no, I’ll probably just be there to organise a tour for them or something.” With Skepta recently getting his political game on in The New Statesman, answering “Asthma pumps should be available over the counter, it’s long having to go to the doctor’s every time you need a new one.” to their ‘If you were world leader, what would be your first law?’ question it’s only a matter of time before he’s in Gordon Brown’s seat. His mum concurs, “I like that, he’s moving into a new area of adult life.”

Skepta’s album is out now!!! If you haven’t already got your copy of Greatest Hits (slipping!!!) pop down the High Street or purchase online right now.