Saturday, September 08, 2007

Quick Review: Superbad

Next Friday, (September 14) sees the release of a film that has taken America by storm. As you may have guessed by the informative title that motion picture is, Columbia Tristar’s Superbad (Cert 15). Following in the comedic footsteps of 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up - sharing the same writers and director - this is the movie that saved our summer. Yeah there’s been quite a few films out in the last few months (we’re not forgetting the likes of Transfomers and such, no way) but a few other so-called “blockbusters”, merely came off like an elongated version of their usual 30 minute outing. So it took three misfit teens to lead the way.

Seth, Evan and Fogell...

This boob punching, obsessive c*ck drawing, time telling, menstrual cycle staining, fake id buying, gun shooting, green beer drinking, VAAASHHGGG pursuing, cop mocking laugh convoy is so funny, you’re laughing half way through the next scene and beyond. A must!!! McLovin for President!!!

Check the clips…


Anonymous said...

Great post! Just watched the movie and Mclovin rulz!