Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Robbie Willams: "Tryna Make Me Go To Rehab, I'm Like Yo Yo Yo"

The other day you may have heard the almighty ego that manifests itself in the human form of Robbie Williams opened up to the world and confessed he was going to Rehab. Actually I don't know if he revealed this or if it was some media witch hunt thing... I do know it got the globe talking. I don't really feel bad for Robbie to be honest... I'm sure if you or I were given a one billion pound record deal (this figure may have been rounded up to the nearest billion) I'm sure we'll do the same. I do however feel sorry for the unsung heroes and villains of rehab. The forgotten celebs likes of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown - about three people on this Earth care about their rehabilitation. Mr Williams has the universe wondering when he'll put down those expressos and quit his sleeping pill addiction. Maybe if he wasn't knocking down so many miniature Lattes he wouldn't need so many SLEEPING PILLS???