Friday, February 23, 2007

Mega Talking Sense on Logans Show

Get on over to click on Logan Sama and hear Mega talk about people on Channel U, "six videos deep and they're still doing the same thing." You have 'til Monday 26 to listen or it will be lost forever. You'll also hear a new tracks from Dizzee and Kano!!! Big Big Big!!! Also some So Solid classics.

Don't miss his TWO hour rant about repping UK!!!


Madame Frank said...

allow listening to anything that megaman says about representing our own, UK. When I swear he stabbed Dizzee.

Danny Walker said...

I hear what you're saying, I just love it when people go on a random rant.

He was chatting sense about people who have only got Channel U careers though.

In regards to the Dizzee situation, it didn't come out who actually did it. Do you know something we don't Hyper?