Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Junk email of the Month - March 2006

Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Dear member of our Dating Site,

You have 5 unread messages from ladies at our dating site, Please read them here: Best wishes to you,



Firstly, do I look like a dude who has signed up to an online dating site with these dusty women on their books... ok don't answer that!

Secondly, MESSAGES??? Like all junk email, I never signed up to receive this shit and how did you get my email addy?

Thirdly, WTF!!!

Fourthly (can you say fourthly), you know these chicks aren’t even on that site. These are just some loose 'ladies' they Googled. The real women look just as desperate as the guys who sign up – if they didn’t THEY WOULDN’T NEED TO LINK A RANDOM GUY (WHO IS PROBABLY ON THE SEX OFFENDERS LIST) VIA SOME JUNK EMAIL NONSENSE.

Fifthly (hell, I started like this so I gotta finish), WTF!!!!!!!!!