Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Quick Review: Wretch 32 - Wretch32.com

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Wretch 32

Following the same marketing strategy as Bashy, Wretch 32 launches a mixtape to coincide with the launch of his very own domain, Wretch32.com. Take note Steve Jobs, next time you release a new product, how about you and the goons over at Apple drop some fresh 64’s to go with? Anywho, Wretchclart is back on form as he hip hops his way across 17 solid songs. Joined by Scorcher on several tracks, Donaeo and Double S on Let It Out, Wiley on Superhero Remix and a whole bunch of RWD favourites on the catchy Be Cool Remix, the Gucci addict delivers a lyrically rich batch of FREE freestyles, remixes and iPod worthy wretchcro riddims. You know where you can download this, right?
Track to Check: I Can’t Stop Ft. Scorcher