Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sway`s Dotted Lines Mixtape – Out Now

He’s been away for a year…

Well not exactly. Sway addicts who copped the One For The Journey EP know full well he’s been grafting for the last 365 plus and preparing his second album. Following on from debut This Is My Demo, The Signature LP - we hear it’s shaping up nicely by the way – is his second LP offering and is due May 5 2008.

To get the punters ready he’s gone back to his mixtape roots and dropped The Dotted Lines Mixtape, which celebrated it’s launch last Friday in Farringdon’s Fabric.

We have in our possession said mixtape “The African Nations Edition” and Little Derek is on form from the off. On the intro (titled Know Yourself) he jokes, “I’ve been away for a year, no Sway for a year/ Them guys had a little fame for a year. Now playtime’s over, Sway’s like Hova… “ which sets the trend for the rest of the mixtape.

24 tracks deep, listening treats skip from skit, to radio clip to hit in quick succession passing, F UR X Ft. $tush (a base-heavy, joke-ridden ex teaser), My Sword (another thought-provoking hit from Mr Safo who jibes “I can’t swallow my pride, I’m fasting”) and Black Stars (a Black Boys refix-slash-tribute to all things/ people/ traditions Ghanaian).

On the Outro, he leaves us with, “My album will be out O5-05-08, drill that into your bredrins head. I know I’m the Push Back King and I always push back my dates but I will try my hardest to get it out then.” With Dcypha Presents True Stories DVD and The Signature LP on the way, 2008 is looking to be a good year for Sway and the Dcypher team.


sean hurley said...

where did you get this mixtape from?

Aidan said...

Get this mixtape from

It was meant to be out this week for free download on Sway's myspace page I think.

Anonymous said...

Just stick 'sway dotted lines download' in google , loads of spots have it.

THIS MIXTAPE IS Fucking awful though - I'm a huge fan and have spent 3 days trying to get my head around this poor excuse for a mixtape - incessant arrogance and name dropping, samey, samey tracks - we know Sway is BIG, don't need to keep telling us bruv. He butchers that dubstep tune 'night', embarasses himself on the lily allen refix. Even Charlie boy isn't funny anymore and the skits just drag on and on and on and on and on.

And the worst part is he cant skip half as well as a host of other uk rappers but insists on doing it on almost every track.

DEAD out on this cd - sorely, sorely disappointed

Pray god the album will be a huge improvement cos I'd give this a 3 out of 10.

Guerilla Blogger said...

I agree with most of the above

Not that bad though - give it a 6/10

Only a freebie remember

Anonymous said...

You guys are confused, lyrically he's actually untouchable, listen to the actual "Dotted Lines" Freestyle then review your comments... He is on top form right now, your right I dont think the skits where AS funny but theres actual bangers on this. About the Lilly Allen track: word play wise its genius, who else raps like that?! 9/10 For me!

Ms Verdict XXL said...

I wasn't the biggest Sway fan, but this is real quality, I never knew he was that lyrical plus he appeals to a very broad audience. The guy that said Sway can't "skip" meaning rap fast is actually just a hater you have to be some kind of moron! His flow is on point and it shows by the people who endorse him on the skits, Lupe Fiasco, Ian Brown, Chamillionaire. I'm African but I can see why Charlie Boy wouldn't be as funny to none Africans, I really can't lie he is number 1 UK rapper right now, I think anybody with half a brain cell would agree.

Danny Walker said...

I’m hearing very interesting comments on Sway’s latest mixtape – obviously everyone is entitled to express their own views – a few have been brandished about the RWD office, a (midget-sized) handful have been posted here but most have made their way to into the public domain via forums and other such places opinionated critics congregate. In between listening to The Streets, Russell Brand’s podcast and Logan Sama’s Kiss 100 show I have gone back to listen to Sway and I’m afraid my initial thoughts still apply…

The Dotted Lines Mixtape
DCY/ All City Music

To keep the streets happy, Little Derek returns to what he’s known for; Creating entertaining, genre defying mixtapes giving his fans and beyond enough to keep going until the LP (this case being the May 5 expected Signature LP). Black Stars - the tribute to all things Ghanaian, Let It Go, My Sword and radio clips (especially Semtex) prevail but bass and lyric strong F UR Girl excels. Those apprehensive about his label situation don’t worry, by the sounds of Dotted Lines he’s gonna be “Okaaaay”, in fact he’s gonna be “fiiiine fine”.
Track to Check: F UR Girl Ft. $tush

I wrote this for RWD after listening to the mixtape only a few times… my views are still the same! Those that think this is “Fucking awful”, I would beg to differ.

To be honest I don’t know exactly where you can get it but I assume you’ll find out on or by searching all good record shops.

swayfan said...

Check out