Friday, December 14, 2007

I HATE Argos!!!

I HATE Argos!!!
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They implement all these fancy all SINNING all prancing services - You can ring and reserve, you can reserve/ pre order/ order online. You can pre-pre order. You can pre-pre-pre order and reserve. You can pre-pay-pick up. Or the new and equally innovative Pre-pick-up-post-reserve-ring-and-wait-express service. You do any other the above and STILL end up waiting THREE hours for the idiots to get your purchase from the stockroom.

When it comes from said stockroom it sits on the shelf for 20 MINUTES!!!

And what is the point of their expensive yet ill effective number/ waiting system. The only time YOUR number is ever displayed in the 'SOON TO BE CALLED' column or the 'WE DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW WHERE YOUR PURCHASE IS' column. The number they do actually display is always at least 10 numbers above yours!

Its official, I hate Argos. You can add them to the list underneath Orange and Sky, respectively.


David said...

I hate them and the so called promotions bought a bb there no top up voucher handed over despite paying for it and phones cannot be sold without buying a top up voucher, the promotion stated get £20 gift voucher when you top up text a number etc opended the box on Christmas day no original top up !topped up online as needed the service no £20 gift voucher went into store to be met by the rudest man I have come across in a long time, upshot OK we should not have sold the phone buy you didnt buy a top up voucher but I did...its on the reciept which cuts nothing in this store,what about the £20 gift voucher,ah you have to top up a minimum £20 but its not stated anywhere so you need to guess ? upshot nothing we are going to do about it tough... when I suggested the promotion is a con the guy behind the counter agree's !!! and as for the voucher tough !!
Argos you wont see me in any of your stores again and I would rather pay more than pay you and as for your smug staff well Woolies went to the wall at this rate you wont be long following
Dire service