Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wiley, Frisco, Trim, Kano... Pure UK music!!! (It's a big look)

The last TWO weeks have been a lot (those that have seen the ever-changing will know why), I’m currently listening to Wiley’s Playtime Is Over [big], Trim’s Soul Food [decent], Frisco’s Back 2 Da Lab Vol.2 [big] and Kano’s mixtape [big but not enough grime, then again… who cares?]…

All very good CD’s in their own way, but I think Wiley and Frisco clinch it and are getting regular reloads. To read what Frisco had to say about the mixtape check Raj’s interview here.

While I’m here… hold tight the lovely Hyperfrank (I know where you live!!!), RWD TV (you’re eating ALL my time) and the guys over at XL Recordings (hmmm, what can I say?).